True Facts: Animal Awards

I think the brief disclaimer at the beginning of the video sums it up: Not for children, or adults who don’t think like children.


  1. Ridana says

    Omg, that green banded brood sack (?) at 7:30 is in the opening of the anime Chainsaw Man! That was a surprise. 🙂 Also loved the crab with its anemone pompoms.

  2. Matthew Currie says

    I like the ruffed grouse at the end. Back in my teens, the first time I heard one of those, it was out in farm country in Vermont, and I thought it sounded just like someone trying to start an old two cylinder John Deere tractor. For a while there, I kept thinking “man, he must have a clogged carburetor or something. It just won’t stay going!”

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