An interview about this absolute Tucker of a Carlson.

I regard Tucker Carlson as the most influential and dangerous fascist propagandist in the United States. He’s now well known for pushing white supremacist propaganda, and he’s developed a pattern of making almost-left criticisms of capitalism or corporations, and then taking a hard right into things like immigration an self-hating white people as the cause for those problems. I keep meaning to write more about him and his bullshit, but I find the man so insufferable that it’s hard to make myself do the research.

I think this discussion in two parts between David Doel of The Rational National and journalist Eoin Higgins is useful both in discussing Carlson, and a number of other relevant issues.


  1. brucegee1962 says

    Why oh why hasn’t some enterprizing lawyer gone out to the relatives of all the people who died because they believed his vaccine bs, and sued him and Fox out of existence? It may not be a slam dunk case, but class action suits have been won on far flimsier grounds.

  2. says

    Probably because Carlson’s programming is officially “entertainment”, not news, and most of his viewers probably know that it was asserted in court that no reasonable person would believe him.

    His fans are just proud of being deemed “unreasonable” by people who disagree with them.

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