1. katkinkate says

    The horn is in the wrong spot. It should be lower, just above eye level, so it can aim better.

  2. Janie says

    It would be fantastic to have a version of Camp Quest that could be used by public schools during the school year. Our school district used to provide a camping experience for our sixth graders during the school year. I believe funding became an issue, as for so many things. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to offer this to school systems around the country?

  3. rapiddominance says

    This looks like a special picture, so let me mention that its perfectly understandable to me if you want to delete my comment from it.

    Ideologically, I’m your foe. Also, I’ve said harsh things to you before and at least once exceeded decency.

    I really like this picture. Of you, the horse, the kids. I THINK I’m looking at somebody who really cares for those children. There is a very real effect where something reflects off the screen onto me and I don’t like myself quite as much as I did before–because the guy in the picture is the guy I’ve been a jerk to (on occassion!!!).

    No, I don’t wish for those kids to be atheists. But I do think they were in the company of two adults that cared alot about them and added value and happiness to their worlds.

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