Pity Little Jack and Jill

Pity little Jack and Jill

And their lives so very tragic

For everything—both good and ill

These two ascribed to magic.

If times were good, if things went bad

If the kids were well or sick

On their knees they fell to pray

And god’s great boots to lick.

For they only lived to seek

Reward on Judgment Day

They thought it was God’s plan you see

That things were all that way.

Obedience was their only goal

Service their only aim

Whatever God might will to be

Their faith remained the same.

They lived in groveling platitudes

In whining faith they died

Not knowing that in living life

They hadn’t even tried

To touch the magic life contains

When minds are free to see

That what there is is all there is

That now is eternity.

Edwin Kagin

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