1. rapiddominance says

    At first, I regarded the ‘photo series’ as evidence that you might be weakening.

    Again, you were rejected by a ‘partner’ that you had been loyal to and had enjoyed being with. You expended a right sharp amount of energy trying to reconcile with that ‘partner’. You were essentially on your knees and about as close to begging as you could be without selling yourself out. Despite all of your words and your effort, however, ‘she’ just kept walking–until ‘she’ vanished over the horizon.

    So I expected you to be drained.

    But soon, a message began to bleed through these photos. I’m not going to walk through all of these (some are too personal), but I can mention a few:

    1) Here’s Edwin, touching Jesus’s foot. 2) Here’s Edwin, riding a Tricerotops. 3) Here’s Edwin, posing with this atheist and that atheist during this event and that.

    I don’t know to what degree you were doing this consciously, but I’m pretty sure you were sending a message through these photos to your former partners:

    I’ve enjoyed working for you and with you for a long time. You are important to me. I miss you. It hurts not being with you. I want you and I need you.

    Now I have a question about the photo with Dr. Myers. Was this just one more piece of evidence of your place and history on board with ‘Team Atheism’; or was this a particular plea to a certain somebody? Not that its my business . . .


    Anyhow, I need to compliment you on THIS photograph. I don’t know anything about the context, but this is certainly one of the finer ‘trophy pics’ I’ve seen on an atheist blog; and not just for its novelty. It serves as a reminder for me that some of your fight is in my interest and that we share at least a few mutual values as fellow human beings.

    I’m happy to find hope where ever I can.

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