Let’s add to irrationality

To nonsense unbelieved

And urge, against free human choice,

The rights of the unconceived


The unborn, however unwanted,

Have protestors who defend

Who will not take their misery home

But make sure their paths begin


The maimed, the pained, the hopeless

Have rights of tragedy unrelieved

Yet we ignore a great moral sore

The plight of the unconceived


We must have laws with iron braced jaws

To ensure new lives are received

It should be a crime at any time

To deny life to the unconceived


Should fertile lad and fertile lass

Henceforth with any passion pass

Consummation must be achieved

To insure the rights of the unconceived.


Edwin F. Kagin


  1. Brad says

    Funny, but not quite as much when you realize this bears a lot of resemblance to the Catholic church’s actual position on birth control.

  2. rork says

    Down with diploidism. Human life is human life.
    In fact, we sperm think of you all as just the means of making more of us. In a very round about way.

  3. says

    You sperm die during fertilization.

    I have used the argument that the ovum is the first stage of human life with “life begins at conception” anti-abortionists before. They don’t like it.

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