A Blog in Time

Dear Doomed Reader,

I am pleased to advise that, with the able assistance of my brilliant and beautiful daughter Heather (email available upon application and satisfactory background check) and my friend Len, that this electronic communications miracle will be (should be–this is not a precise science) spitting forth blasphemies in a more regular and timely manner than heretofore achieved by this aging blogger.

You are invited to inform anyone you wish of this publishing event initiated on November 26th (the date Howard Carter busted into King Tutankhamun’s tomb, the date “Casablanca” premiered at the Hollywood Theater in New York City, and the date porn star Aurora Snow was born), 2006.

There is some method by which you can be informed when new stuff is posted here, but I don’t know what it is. If you can figure out how to do so, you are welcome to do so.

In closing this announcement, let us observe that the future has never been brighter, which is a terribly discouraging commentary on the past.

Edwin, by dog.


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