And, for this Hallowe’en…


…it is, once again, time for the monthly fundraiser and general showtime, when you get to see the gifts of FTB’s amazingly talented members!

Unfortunately, this time around, you also get to see me. That’s right; I seem to have signed up to do the FreeThoughtBlogs Hallowe’en QI show tomorrow. (Have you ever had those moments of looking back on the conversation you just had and thinking ‘How… how did that just happen…?’? It was like that.) So… if you guys were hoping for the chance to see me make a total prat of myself, well, I guess this is your lucky weekend. Enjoy! And, y’know, if you wanted to throw a bit of money the way of our fundraiser, so that I get to feel my hideous embarrassment is at least in a good cause, then that’d be great.


  1. Dr Sarah says

    Didn’t think of it, I’m afraid! Then again, I don’t actually have a Hallowe’en costume, so I suppose it’s a bit of a moot point that I didn’t think of wearing it. Abbey had some Gothic-looking makeup on, if that counts…

    My trusty sidekick (Katie) decided to join in, so at least I had backup support. I did have to leave rather precipitously about an hour and twenty minutes into the show, due to Katie realising part way into a bowl of ice cream that she couldn’t find her lactase tablets, followed by my husband letting me know dinner was ready.

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