Day-in-a-Life -Posting

Life’s so real, bro.  Life’s so real.

Some of what I regard as the best content on my bloge is just talking about a random day I had, with bits of how it connects to larger themes of life for all of us.  It’s “deep” and probably a skosh pretentious, but these posts do reflect how I genuinely think and feel about the days in question.

I’m curious, what do you think about those kind of posts, broadly?  Not about one of them in particular, just in general.


  1. Alan G. Humphrey says

    I like your random days. Each of us has experiences that set our perceptions of what happens during our daily lives, and they also affect how we report these new experiences. Your reports show me how other people observe themselves in the world and give me hints of how I may be missing things as I go through a day out in the world. Thank you for them.

  2. SasquatchFinger-on-the-Pulse says

    Your observations are like a small child discerning the cosmos for the first time. Your mind collapses back in on itself eternally like the MCU’s quantum realm. You are the tiniest of tiny men and–

    Nah, they cool. I wish I took anything substantial from daily events. Even before the children my mind was drowned in so many stimuli that no one thing rose to the surface but blah blah mental health. Keep them coming, brohemus.

  3. SasquatchFingerello says

    That’s just because I was trying to be more like you, obviously. Isn’t that pretty standard for little brothers?

  4. SasquatchFingers-in-your-Eye-nyuknyuk-wblblblbl says

    Don’t “aww maaan” me or I’ll kick you in the sack. Football! Hockey! UFC! Bleeeaaarrgghh!

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