The Satanic Temple is Still Bullshit

I remember this cute chubby wild-eyed dude breathlessly extolling satanic ideals when The Satanic Temple was newer, on some TV interview, I feel like it was in the great lakes area?  Principled blasphemy seemed their higher calling, something I can really get behind.  So when I found out they were egregiously exaggerating their ability to help people get abortions to snake funds from real abortion activists, that the founders are an unashamedly ableist eugenicist and a buddy to alt reich fucks, that they are shady as all hell on the business side, and that they are willing to dump millions of donated dollars into SLAPP suits against their detractors?  I was like.  Fuck.  I’m fed up with living in a world run by liars and thieves.  I gotta go take a nap.

But shitheads never sleep, so they’ve appealed the latest round of their repeatedly failed SLAPP suit against some queer satanic people in my home state, while still also suing a half dozen other people who don’t deserve it.  Give if you can, to my homies or to anybody who is opposing these crypto-fascist con artists.

edit to add: SRSLY THO

Anybody not bothering to read this for comprehension because it’s about those guys that made you chuckle one time, consider that if I had more traffic on this blog, they would already have hit FtB with another SLAPP suit, like the Richard-Carrier-ass hateful bitches they are.



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    It’s not even a little relevant. They’re abusive shitbirds and they cost detractors hundreds of thousands in legal fees, especially targeting the people who can afford it the least. Whatever extent they gadfly Tha Man is absolutely not worth tolerating their existence. I’d love to see them eat shit and die in poverty, but they’re already too rich for that to happen, with all the protection that comes from wealth.

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    Trolling is one thing, but then they need to stop fundraising off the promises of “doing something” as the common whine from their drones frequently go…(“…at least they’re doing something…”)

    I can troll all day long without having to fund raise and convince people I’m doing anything useful.

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    Oh yeah, they’re doing something all right — discrediting the legitimate critics of Christofascism. Which is appropriate in an ironic sort of way, since “Satan” himself was invented by Christians to discredit all other religions and schools of thought.

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    When I first became aware of them, they seemed pretty cool in a lot of ways. I like the tenets for the most part, and I’ve enjoyed their performative pushback against the religious right.

    Learning more was something of a disappointment, but as ever, I’m glad to know the truth.

    I do wish you a much larger audience, but hopefully that’ll come without SLAPP suits.

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