Are You Bored Again?

FtB hasn’t been very hoppin’ lately, so you may be seeking something to read.  Last time I noted this, I came up with a list of good articles I’d written that received little attention at the time I posted them.  You could revisit that, if you didn’t avail yourself the first time.  Something else that could be fun to read: My short-lived RP by Comment.  Cartomancer was the last man standing in that exercise in collaborative writing*, and he brought it to a very meta and amusing conclusion.  Thanks, Cartomancer.

When I was a young man*, Pepsi ran a slogan “Be young, Have fun, Drink Pepsi.”  You Could win a prize by collecting cans that were printed in the bottom with each word of the creepy demand.  But the print inside the can was only 2-3 letters, which worked out to BE YNG HAV FUN DRK PEP.  As you survive another season of fire, invoke this ancient spell to summon Pepsiman to protect you.

BE YNG HAV FUN DRK PEP.  Now gimme the prize.

*some would say “egg” but it felt appropriate enough at that time so i let this kind of thing stand.


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    i’m pondering some shit and i’m thinking, it would be nice if there was a way to lure people in to see blogs and blog networks like FtB without needing to just basically live as lampreys on social media sites. it would be nice but i have no idea if it’s even possible now. personal blogs and websites deserve to be the heart of the internet, not all the other guff sucking up cultural bandwidth. ponder ponder.

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