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I just cancelled Netflix. It’s a good time to do it. A) They don’t have anything good on. The recent seasons of their coolest shows were either disappointing or incoherent because they were trying to bump up the edge. B) They’re promoting a new original show that is an eating-disorder-triggering fatphobic pile of trash. It’s called “Insatiable” and that link goes to a response article by a fat activist.

Anyhow, if you care about any fat people or people of any size who have eating disorders, cancel your Netflix and list that as the reason why. I’ll be your best friend forever if you do. Automatic banning for anyone who drops health trolling or whatabouts in my comments. Fuck diet industry propaganda, and fuck body policing fascism in the form of conventional wisdom.


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    Ugh, fat suits. I’m sick and tired of those things. A fat suit is just a big red flag telling me to stay away.

    I cancelled my Netflix subscription a few months ago for financial reasons, but I planned to resume after I’d paid off a few bills. I think I’ll stay unsubscribed for a good while longer.

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    Sadly I have no Netflix to cancel, never will. The few films I consider worth watching more than once I get on disc. Reading is better for the soul.

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    What do you like to read?

    Articles about the present and the future, preferably with some decent science backing them up, or some really clever humour. I’m not a big fan of fiction any more, although Terry Pratchett’s books still take up a whole shelf in my living room.

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    Like long form TED talks in alphabetty configuration? Cool, cool. Got any favorite sources? Me, I’m not ready for the future. If I read anything other than BS on the internet it’d no doubt be fiction.

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    According to an article I read today, it seems that Netflix are intent on sabotaging their users’ preferred use-case– binge-watching shows– by inserting unskippable ads for other shows between episodes. Because, “hey, that show you’re clearly enjoying watching, why don’t you go watch something else instead?” has user satisfaction written all over it, amirite? And the show people enrolled in the pilot are getting pitches for? The aforementioned and execrable Insatiable

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