“Fuck Batman”

When said by a justice-minded critic looking at the implied meanings behind a story of a white cishet patriarch beating up poor people with no due process, whose enemies are mostly ableist caricatures: Cool.

When said by an edgelord Robin reboot with blood spattered across his chin before he kills seven dudes in an alley: Not great.

The always lovely and amusing SungWon Cho has this take:


  1. A. Noyd says

    Oh, good grief.

    I wonder what the ratio will be between people hating on this because it’s a gargantuan piece of shit nobody wanted and people hating on the actress playing Starfire for daring to be black.

  2. lanir says

    I missed all the Teen Titan stories. The comics and the animated show passed me by. So I guess I just read it as a sort of meta distancing from any Batman stories. It wasn’t a very artful way to do it, not by a long shot. As methods go, that’s a cheap hack which doesn’t say much good about the story. The whole trailer makes the thing look pretty B grade with questionable storytelling. The Norwegian film “Thelma” does what this looks like it’s trying to do very well but without all the faux noir Hollywood polish.

  3. busterggi says

    A. Noyd, well Starfire IS a poc though not black so that prolly won’t be a problem, being murderous thugs is a bit more troubling.

    At least the MCU deaths aren’t generally deliberate.

  4. A. Noyd says


    well Starfire IS a poc though not black so that prolly won’t be a problem

    Probably won’t? Where have you been the last few years? All black actors who play a character that isn’t explicitly and consistently black in the source material get huge amounts of racist hate thrown their way. It’s already there in the comments of the first video.

  5. says

    A. Noyd – You called it, and yeah, most of us aren’t too surprised. Also notice, the official trailer the non-white Titans didn’t get a second to speak or do anything. Do dee do….

    Lanir – I should take in more media than just the stuff shoveled in my face locally. Thelma, huh?

  6. wontbehere4long says

    Since we are on the topic of pointless douchebaggery, what is it with the entertainment industry, with my main concerns being cartoons, and its obsession for mean-spiritedness? I just got into a show called “The Loud House” on Nickelodeon, and ditched it just as quickly. It’s about a boy living with ten sisters, and it was made by Chris Savino who got fired for sexual harassment. What is the fetish of taking charming premises like that and making them so twisted?

  7. says

    kimp @ 7 – I was tossin’ around whether I should allow the video link out of moderation. It’s fine, just, really racially awkward. I don’t think those British dudes are used to being sensitive to the experience of US black people, not that they were being shit on purpose. Warning to anyone following the link.

    wont @ 8 – This is getting a bit off topic. I don’t think the edgelord teen titan reboot was douchey so much as just foolish and in bad taste. But I’ll indulge some off topic at the moment, why not?

    Regarding Loud House, the creator was being twisted behind the scenes, but was the show mean-spirited or perverse? I haven’t seen it.

  8. says

    I said I’d be OK with some off-topicking (not much else going on here), but understand not everyone has the same information as you. You can answer my question, if you want.

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