Agents of Shield Wimps Out

OK, the status quo of the MCU is a bad joke between Infinity War and the next one, but it’s a joke that should be affecting the plots of Agents and all those Nutflex shows and so on. Agents of Shield should’ve disintegrated half the cast. It didn’t do that to a single one of them.

No big deal tho, right? If I was in the position of creating one of those shows, I wouldn’t want to kowtow to silly world-wrecking ideas implemented on other people’s projects. But I see in this a big missed opportunity.

See, Coulson was revealed to be terminally ill this season, definitely gonna die. If, as in my last post, we suppose Thanos’s victims enter the soul gem, then this could’ve been a real slick way to cross over again. See, the movies have been ignoring Agents because they saw Coulson’s death as dramatically complete, no need to fuck with it.

But if Coulson showed up in the Soul Gem (because he got disintegrated right before he died naturally) the movie could’ve played it off like he was there because any dead person could be, and never have to acknowledge his life on the TV series. And in reverse, if the series wanted him back in full health, they could have him escape the soul gem by the same means as Dr. Strange and the others.

If they’re at all serious about keeping the crossover with the series as an idea, I know how they’ll write it off. Whatever mulligan happens in Infinity Boogaloo will cause the lost to be restored as if nothing happened, and with no knowledge they had been lost in the first place. Ipso facto yadda yadda, their adventures will not seem to have been affected by the event at all. The end.

I just think that’s Dullsville. If they were gonna go big like this, they should’ve had the huevos to stick with it and make the disintegrations happen everywhere. Raspberries to you, Marvel. Raspberries.


  1. lanir says

    They had side things going at the end with Daisy and Mai but they didn’t seem to really get into either one much. Character building is what keeps a show really going this many seasons in. When it starts to feel like they’re not really invested in efforts in that direction, well… It’s weak sauce.

    To put it another way, people watch shows and films, read books, play games or listen to stories because they find the process of discovery interesting. It’s dressed up as other things sometimes but if you ever lose the discovery aspect you’re going to lose your audience. When characters stop evolving they limit the amount there is to be discovered about them. You can fake it with world building but that takes a LOT more effort so it’s unlikely to replace character building well unless that was the whole point to begin with.

  2. says

    Raucous – Call it a compulsion. Hey, I watched the entirety of every episode of Inhumans, rewatching the laugh-out-loud bad first five minutes a few times as well.

    lanir – The actors were doing their best and the writers made stuff feel important / high stakes, but some character elements felt too lean while some extra depressing elements early in the season were overplayed. I don’t mind the older cast members bowing out like it seemed they were. Ming-Na Wen is more than a decade older than me and I feel like I’ve been beaten with chains after a single day of work sometimes.

  3. besomyka says

    The problem that the AoS producers said on some interview, is that the Movie people don’t talk to them so they didn’t even know that the Snapture was going to happen in the movie until it was released like everyone else. And they don’t know how it will ‘resolve’ either.

    They said they assumed the events of Infinity War were happening around or just after the events of this season.

  4. says

    In that case, I was right to point my final finger wag at Marvel itself. -well, the Disney owned live actiony supposedly shared world aspect. Do they want the shows to benefit from the shared universe or not? They oughtta get their shit right.

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