1. says

    I almost bought my horse, P-nut a certification in “equine massage” from a dodgy woo-woo “university” but it was $500 and he doesn’t really care. I just thought that if someone wanted to be stepped on by a percheron and pay for the privilege, why not? Besides, I was going to frame the certificate and put it up in his barn. But he can’t read and would probably try to eat it.

  2. johnson catman says

    My wife gets that practically every morning when her phone alarm goes off to wake her. One of the cats gets on her chest and massages her while my wife reciprocates with scritches. Should I be pimping my cat out to make some extra cash?

  3. rq says

    So if I give my cats money, they will finally come and cuddle with me.
    Screw you, cats. The best you get is a full food bowl!

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