FTM Podcast: You’re So Brave


Hello lovelies,

Today I’m recommending a podcast about trans issues from two FTM perspectives. They cover a lot of similar material that I do. If listening to podcasts works better for you than reading blags, I definitely recommend this resource if you want to learn about more trans stuff!

You can find them on Soundcloud or also the Youtube link below:

Episode one covers the term “cisgender,” cis privilege, and also the problems with the bathroom bill selfie protests.



  1. Bruce says

    Thanks for sharing this podcast video. It felt like hanging out with some young guys just goofing off and having a fun chat. I wish they’d had name tags, as now I can’t remember either guy’s name. I hope the clean-shaven guy on the right gets over his kidney problem ok.
    I do have to admit that I felt a bit of a disconnect with these guys, not because I’m cis-het, but because they look to be in their early or mid 20’s, so I have 3 decades on them.
    I do think they are right to plan different future shows, including guests. I’d like to see them interview some women, to see how their perspectives mesh with those of women. Ideally, they should interview both cis and trans women.
    I understand that the scruffy beard look of the guy on the left is considered these days to be very attractive to young ladies, but the interviews should not just be about all that.
    Overall, I’m sure these guys will run an interesting show for their vodcast, and I look forward to future episodes.

  2. Siobhan says

    Chase is the queer gent on the left with the green hair, Aaron is the ace gent on the right with the brown hair.

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