Texas Governor Threatens to Remove Elected Official From Office Over Sanctuary City Policy

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, falling in line with Trump, wants to “drain away” elected officials who disagree with his views on sanctuary cities.  From The Texas Observer:

Governor Greg Abbott threatened to “remove” Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez from office and cut funding for the agency on Wednesday in response to a policy she’s planning to enact that would limit the local jail’s cooperation with federal immigration officials.

“We are working on laws that will ban sanctuary cities, remove from office any officeholder who promotes sanctuary cities and pose criminal penalties as well as financial penalties,” Abbott said during a live Fox News interview.  “… if [Hernandez] doesn’t [cooperate], we will remove her from office.”

Fortunately, there are no laws in place yet that would allow for removing Sheriff Hernandez. Unfortunately, the Texas brief legislative session has just started up.  So rather than focusing on, say, restoring school funding and other important issues, our legislature could well take up ousting elected officials, right after they’re done patting themselves on the back for the bathroom bill….


  1. Pierce R. Butler says

    Can’t recall where I read it, but I saw a piece in which Bannon claimed the Trumistas had a 6-month plan to revolutionize the US – obviously they’ve notified the state & local parties to go full throttle the same way.