Don’t worry, the murder of Hussain Alnahdi was not race-related

Hussain Alnahdi was beaten to death on 10/31 by Cullen Osburn in Menomonie, WI. The police interviewed Osburn’s friends and family on 11/2 . Osburn even called the investigator that same day. From that point until his arrest on 1/12, he remained free while the investigators took their sweet time to locate and arrest him.

His Facebook profile is still available. He didn’t post anything from 10/8-12/25. After 12/25, he began again as if the unfortunate storm had passed – on 1/6 he even checked in at his son’s basketball game. This would have been around 6 days before his arrest. I’m very interested why the police waited so long. Or if they were actively seeking him, which isn’t clear if that’s the case (detailed below), how he was able to evade the police for so long.

Given that Alnahdi was a Saudi Arabian living in white ass western Wisconsin, many thought there could be a racial component to the murder. [1] But fortunately, White America can rest assured that one of our own apparently pummeled someone to death without the scourge of bigotry in his heart. For the second time in two weeks, I feel the need to highlight the words of a university chancellor, this time at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, where Alnahdi was attending:

I also think it is worth mentioning that the criminal complaint issued in this case said the suspect was adamant that the altercation was not a result of anybody’s race.

Nope, it is NOT worth mentioning. The criminal complaint only notes the different witness accounts of an unintelligible argument that began after Alnahdi was approached by Osburn. The details of that argument are now only known to Osburn, and whomever he told (which I don’t know how it could be regarded as reliable and/or unbiased). Certainly he and his attorney will come up with some reason to justify his attack, and that reason will not be related to any protected characteristics under hate crime laws. Moreover, he’s had two and a half months to generate a plausible story that will paint him in the best possible light. We’ll likely never know the truth. But sure, let’s take at face value the statement he made to the police before disappearing as well as anything alleged by his obviously biased friends and family.

Osburn has a long history of violence including making terroristic threats, domestic abuse [2], and violating no contact orders with victims. Given this, I can concede that he seems violent enough to not need any race-based motivation to beat the hell out of someone. But it seems weird that Osburn would, out of all the other individuals at the scene of the crime, confront someone with a Middle-Eastern look just standing around.

The recent spate of news stories regarding the situation haven’t brought up something that bothers me. In mid-November the authorities announced they had zeroed in on a suspect, but were unsure whether or not to charge him. Given the fact that he beat someone to death (regardless of motivation), and the aforementioned criminal history, he wasn’t placed in custody because the

police do not believe he is a threat to the public. Police say they have no evidence indicating the assault was racially motivated and are withholding the suspect’s name pending charges. (emphasis added)

This has, to my knowledge, not been commented on since the arrest. I may be a delicate flower, but given the facts that are, and were known all along by the police, he seems kind of threatening. This would seem to contradict the idea that the police were actively pursuing him.

The only unknown all along has been intent – within a few days of the murder the police knew the suspect’s name, his family, and, unless they were comically inept, his extensive criminal history in Minnesota. [3] And yet they apparently waited over two months to do anything about it. Perhaps there’s a good reason. But I can’t help but wonder how fast he would’ve been in custody had the victim been, say, an off duty police officer. Or someone who came from a family with a sufficient amount of social capital to warrant a quicker decision.

[1] The Daily Caller has a post about the story, crowing about how Osburn is not a Trump supporter. I find it hard to believe that many thought the perpetrator was a Trump supporter rather than a bigot (though it’s understandably hard not to conflate the two, they are not mutually exclusive). Nevertheless, Osburn does not seem to be a Trump supporter, but the obvious point of this garbage article is to revel in a possible hate crime not being one – though a motive has not been released and appears to be unverifiable. Because the uptick in violence against Muslims is a liberal fantasy, you see.

[2] Shouldn’t more domestic abuse cases be hate crimes? There has to be an element of a general hatred towards women in many of these cases. At any rate, Osburn’s Facebook page indicates he’s misogynistic as fuck.

[3] Not to mention his social media presence. In one Facebook post from July he posts “Anger management i hate this shit …”


  1. Siobhan says

    Shouldn’t more domestic abuse cases be hate crimes? There has to be an element of a general hatred towards women in many of these cases. At any rate, Osburn’s Facebook page indicates he’s misogynistic as fuck.

    Check the UK. Last I heard they were passing laws defining misogyny as a form of hate not long ago, so such charges might be pressed eventually.

  2. Onamission5 says

    From the university chancellor:

    the suspect was adamant that the altercation was not a result of anybody’s race

    Well then that settles it! If the person who beat another person to death says it wasn’t a racist murder then it wasn’t a racist murder, no need to look into their personal history or anything, we can just take their word for it. After all, murderers are totally reliable narrators, especially when it comes to their own crimes.