To The Person Who Cut & Pasted My Entire Post On Your Site…

Not cool.

You may have been motivated by the best of intentions… you may have intended to flatter me… you may have intended to reap the ad revenue from your site without doing the actual work.

I have no idea what your intentions were. I just know that you posted my entire post on your site. Under someone else’s name.

Let me know where to send the bill; I’m sure you intended to ask up front, but since you didn’t, I can only conclude that money is no object, and will charge accordingly.


  1. Dominic Hind says

    Looks like they are actually scraping the whole of FTB (and a number of other sites too but at least the others get a URL credit), if you follow the ‘Sources’ links at the bottom there are over 300 pages of list of FTB content.

  2. Pliny the in Between says

    Well, if it really is run by the Antichrist, I doubt it’s gonna lose too much sleep over plagiarism.

  3. says

    Your plagiarist calls himself Advocatus Diaboli – Devil’s Advocate. He’ll burn in Hell. At least the link to your “Reality beyond the material” is still intact.

    Isn’t “Thou shalt not steal” one of their commandments?

  4. Tsu Dho Nimh says

    Well, if they are scraping FTB, they need to have a chat with Ed’s lawyers.

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