1. Splicer says

    One of my kitties is a rescue, the other was adopted from a woman who had to go into assisted living. I honestly wish I could have more.

  2. Blueaussi says

    All 5 of mine, 2 cats and 3 dogs, are from shelters around South Carolina. They are all wonderful, and I love them dearly. However, let’s not forget about rescues, either. I raised a litter of orphan kittens a neighbor child found this summer, and the good folks at a local rescue worked them into their program and helped get them wonderful homes.

    I guess part of the takeaway should be: Spay and Neuter!

  3. Guess Who? says

    @1: my dog (now deceased after 12 years with me) was “around five, we think…yeah, that’s probably right” when he came to us through a rescue group. He was my first dog and I couldn’t have asked for an easier pet–he was housetrained, had some basic obedience, and a mature sensibleness about him that made him easy to take along on car trips and . How old is your senior dog? I’m interested in getting an older dog, am open to “older than five” and would like some ideas about what to expect.

  4. Johnny Vector says

    First kitty was a rescue,
    From the alleyway he came.
    Raoul is what we call him
    So that he can say his name.

    Claudia came after,
    So Raoul would have a pal
    From the Petco/shelter rescue
    To a friendlier locale.

    And also then Wee Thomas,
    From a cage we did remove.
    He likes to scuffle with the rest,
    McDonagh would approve.

  5. busterggi says

    Can’t adopt anything else at the moment – already have my my mother’s cat I inherited a couple of years ago & a feral kitten I caught three weeks ago (now seven weeks old) plus my cockatiels & finches (all rescued).

    I’ll second your motion though.

  6. sqlrob says

    All of ours are shelters or strays.

    2 cats that the vet guilted^wconvinced us to adopt as a pair, a bonded brother/sister pair
    1 stray cat that I scritched and eventually found me that night. Turns out I ended up rescuing him from a hoarder. So bad that the hoarder’s house was eventually declared uninhabitable, condemned, and torn down.
    1 stray cat that literally walked in our back door
    1 stray cat that was abandoned at a construction site that a friend found and she couldn’t afford to take care of her, so we took her. 3 week old kitten, abandoned in 100 degree weather. fuckers. Don’t know how much longer she would’ve lasted if our friend hadn’t found her.
    1 dog from the shelter. This guy was really lucky, he’d gone back to the shelter a few times. He’s fairly exuberant and if you don’t really know him, seems violent. One more time back and he would’ve been a goner.

  7. says

    My last two cats were older shelter cats. I’m glad that I gave Princess a good home, and I’m sure River has enjoyed the last 5 years with me. :)

  8. ianeymeaney says

    I had 2 original rescue cats, Wednesday and Jezebel, sisters, born in an abandoned building. Jezzie died of kidney failure during Hurricane Sandy. After that, Wednesday was so lonely and was yowling and pacing around the apartment, that I had to get her a new friend. I only wanted another girl cat, but I went to the shelter and Gronk and Bibi, a brother and sister, who were born in someone’s garage, were too adorable to split apart. They are my newest additions to the family. I couldn’t imagine not getting rescue cats. Everyone, please spay and neuter!

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