A One-Way Wall?

A door that doesn’t open?
Why, that’s not a door at all.
A door that doesn’t open
Is a wall.

If you want to pass right through it
Well, that’s not what walls are for.
If you want to pass right through it
Use a door.

It’s a wall of separation
That the founding fathers planned.
It’s a wall of separation

If we have to stay on our side
And we cannot bother you—
If we have to stay on our side
So must you.

When the law applies to both of us
And neither side can gain…
When the law applies to both of us…
You complain.

Over at The Blaze (don’t judge me!), a story of a Pennsylvania community’s response to the FFRA’s complaint about a City Hall nativity scene.

They are going to put the nativity scene on a truck, and park it outside City Hall. (Which, so long as the truck has to obey the traffic (and other) laws, and is not given special parking privileges, is fine by me. If it’s a city-owned truck, we might have to talk.)

But that’s not the fun part. The fun part, as always, is the comment thread. It is astonishing how poorly The Blaze’s real American Patriot types grasp the law. Anti-atheist, of course, but also antisemitic, anti-wiccan, and pro-majority. It’s the sound of privilege and ignorance, best buddies.

The first amendment, you know, was intended to protect churches from government intrusion. (agreed!) Not to prevent the majority religion from expressing itself in the public square, with the backing of the government. (um… no.) Fortunately, The Blaze’s commenters know better than decades of supreme court decisions (well, they must, because they disagree with these decisions, and they must be right). So, go learn from these sages.

Or better yet, don’t.


  1. left0ver1under says

    So what happens if it gets towed? We are talking about the sort of people who would argue exemption from parking metres if/when they are in violation of the bylaw. No doubt they’d claim “anti-religious government intrusion” and accuse the towing company of being “anti-christian”.

  2. Zinc Avenger (Sarcasm Tags 3.0 Compliant) says

    @left0ver1under, #2:

    You’re assuming they could find an “anti-Christian” tow company to do it.

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