Sometimes, The Internet Comes Through

On the Fredericksburg news site “FredTalk” (I have a thingie that shows me this sort of stuff), an idiot asked a question: “Was the Batman Killer an Atheist?” I have to say, I am accustomed to Fox, and CNN, and the like; I was not expecting a local population of individuals to take this idiot (who tries to defend himself) to task. But they did.

That’s gonna leave a mark.


  1. says

    But wow, what he said was so awful. :-( It is chilling to know that there are people out there – lots of them – who share his views and that religious leaders are doing everything they can to encourage and entrench the demonizing/othering of atheists.

  2. Tracey says

    Fredericksburg, Virginia, is in the bible belt, and many of the people there have been brainwashed into believing stupid stuff.

  3. Die Anyway says

    > “Was the Batman Killer an Atheist?”

    Somebody killed Batman? No more sequels I guess.

    In any case, I think I will avoid FredTalk and especially Clovis. What’s really bad though is now I have to have that mental association every time I read about a particular early North American culture and the spearpoints that helped define it. Sort of like the alternative view of the 2012 Olympics logo that cannot now be forgotten (it’s not Lisa Simpson, it’s not Lisa Simpson…)

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