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EvolveFISH’s Gavin sends a pic of the actual Cuttlefish sticker–alongside one of their more traditional designs, for a sense of scale. On their site, I very much preferred the black sticker; seeing the white one here, I am wavering.

Pic after the jump:


  1. 'Tis Himself says

    Is your car light or dark in color? My wife’s white car would show the black sticker much better while my dark green car would show the white one better.

    C’mon, Cuttlefish. This isn’t rocket surgery.

  2. SherryH says

    I admit, my brain keeps trying to see the sticker as a slightly stylized Celtic bird. The upraised arm is the head, with the nib of the quill the beak and the feather a crest. Longish body tapering into a tail and… I’m not quite sure what would be going on with the legs.

    And then I can ‘flip’ it and see the cuttlefish again.

    More on-topic, I think the choice of black sticker or white depends at least partly on the background you’re sticking it on. Or… get one of each!

  3. Trebuchet says

    I’d probably buy it ONLY if it’s some sort of irridescent color-changing scheme.

  4. ctenotrish says

    Well shoot, I bought mine before there was a choice! Ah well, I am excited to be getting them regardless. :)

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