Donors Choose

“But look at the good that religions can do;
The hospitals, daycares, the soup kitchens too
They all let the love of the savior shine through
Like the light of the overhead sun”

Your invisible god has a bit of a quirk:
That good—every bit—is from people at work;
And working, not praying (“just clasp hands and shirk”)
Is how you get anything done.

So please join with me, and this atheist squad
(though your money’s still good if you worship a god,
Or an idol, a tree, or a cephalopod—
There’s really no way you can lose).

And click on the widget; follow the link
Root round a bit, and give it a think
And you’ve really helped students, as quick as a wink
By giving to Donors Choose

more, after the jump:

I’ve chosen a few high-poverty districts scattered around the country who are looking for poetry resources. I’d send them copies of my book, but I get the feeling their districts would ban me immediately. Oh, well. If they do happen to look here, I do have one very serious recommendation: you could do a lot worse than to get multiple copies of Stephen Fry’s “The Ode Less Travelled.” (I’m going to have to review it here sometime.)

Other Freethought Blogs are choosing other sorts of projects; poke around a bit and see what you would like to support. If you want to support all sorts of things, so much the better! If you are a self-made billionaire and want to support me as a CuttlePatron, you’ll have to wait, cos it’s Donor’s Choose month! (next month, give me a call, though)


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