Thank You!

Just a quick note, because I am busier than I ought to be after handing in grades.

The Camp Quest fundraising challenge is over, and the clear winner is….

Camp Quest!

As for any other winners, you can take a look at the final tally here. Or a few other places, but I wanted to link to PZ’s because he’s wrong. It was actually ever-so-slightly closer than that, with a late donation to Team PZ.

The final numbers, for those who don’t wish to click…

Team Awesome: $13,550.06
Team PZ: $13,016.01

Matched amounts:
Team Awesome: $1,868.73
Team PZ: $1,640.00
Total Match: $3,508.73

Team Totals (with matches included):
Team Awesome: $15,418.79
Team PZ: $14,656.01

Grand Total Raised: $30,074.80

So, yeah, thanks to all who helped!

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