A brief little message to anyone reading
To all of you, near and farrrrrrrr
Today be Talk Like A Pirate Day,
So wherever ye be, there ye “Arrrrrrrr!”

(for those of ye in the Garrrrrden state, get yer java today not from Starrrrbucks, with their measly 0.5 pirate ratio–one syllable out of two– but from Ahrre’s coffee roastery, with a full 1.0 pirate ratio! Besides, it’s better! Oh, and ye can order online…)

(no, I am not getting any doubloons from Ahrre…  Consider this a public service for any who love coffee…)


  1. says

    I’d rather not make this a pry day,But where is our limerick Friday? Oh there’s nothing worseThan a week without verse,So please make this a less bored and dry day!

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