State of the Blogion

I feel I owe you an explanation for the disrupted service that’s been going on for the past weeks. Maybe you haven’t noticed, in which case “great”, but if you’ve been missing the schedule of posts, here’s what’s been going on.

As I mentioned some months ago, I started a PhD program at the beginning of September. This means that, in order to fit my class schedule into my work schedule, I have moved to longer days at the office. As a result, I have been trying to bang stuff out on my lunch hour instead of working on it the night before as has been my habit for the past year or so that the blog has been running. Hence why, for example, most of the last couple of week’s posts have been going up at 1300 PST rather than their usual 0600 PST. It also explains why there are fewer posts.

As I’ve also (I think?) mentioned, I have just started dating someone. Because she and I are both busy people, we covet the time we get to with each other, meaning that on weekends I am usually preoccupied with enjoying the living shit out of her company. Weekends were when I was able to get most of my substantive writing done, but that time is now being used for something else.

The band has dramatically shifted focus away from recording original music. While this would arguably mean that I have more time, what it has actually meant is that I am sinking quite a bit of effort into promoting myself as a solo artist, as well as an Open Mic that I am trying to start up here in Vancouver. This means attending a lot of other open mic nights around the neighbourhood and schmoozing my ass off. It also means encroachment into the time that I usually spend writing.

All of these factors have conspired to change the frequency and quantity of what I’m posting. Maybe the quality too, but I don’t think so – I think that some the stuff I’ve written in the last month or so is among my best. That being said, maybe imagine how much better still it would be if I hadn’t written it with one hand on the keyboard and the other on my lunch, frantically eyeing the clock and watching my break slip away.

The well of posts from the “Because I am an Atheist” series has kind of dried up (despite promises secured from people who have yet to deliver despite consistent nagging on my part). If your submission has not been published yet, don’t fear – I will get them up on the site soon. I also have plans for the project as a whole, which I am working out in my head and will be on the back-burner at least until the current term ends.

None of this is intended as an apology – I realize that you don’t demand this stuff from me and certainly nobody has given me any reason to suspect that there is an inappropriate sense of entitlement to regular posting from me. This is simply an explanation on what’s been going on with the seemingly-random posting and the deterioration of the usual structure. I won’t even promise that this is going to “get better” any time soon, because I really don’t know the circumstances under which improvement would happen (unless Maria dumps me, but then this blog will turn into something very maudlin and pathetic that I would recommend against reading).

What I will do is strongly encourage you to follow my Twitter feed. I am never far from my feed, and you can get another aspect of the authentic Crommunist experience there, albeit in a far more abbreviated form. Plus you can get some interaction with the people who inspire and inform my thoughts and the things that go into these posts. Plus it’s funnier than this blog is, if you go for that sort of thing. I should also make a note of how especially grateful I am for the presence of Brian and Edwin and their contributions to keep this blog well-stocked with fresh content.

Anyway, that’s where things are right now.

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  1. F says

    Noticed, but knew you hadn’t just walked away or whatever. Good for you on the good stuff, sorry (maybe? I dunno) about teh band. Best wishes on the solo action, and enjoy your new-ish, er, duet action.

    Needs an otter.

    Ah, yes.

  2. Riptide says

    “…Weekends were when I was able to get most of my substantive writing done, but that time is now being used for something else.”

    Aww, yeah…

    (It’d be great if that were embeddable, but I’m not sure how to do that.)

  3. invivoMark says

    Quality is preferable to quantity, and in that regard you’ve been as good as ever, if not better. No complaints here.

  4. see_the_galaxy says

    you’re one of the best and we appreciate your thoughts when you have time to share them. all the best

  5. John Horstman says

    Hooray! Less-frequent posting because of good things (Ph.D. program, new dating partner) is good! Just tell Edwin to step it up to fill the gaps. 🙂

  6. dianne says

    I have just started dating someone.

    Does that mean we need to stop filling up the comments with compliments to your good looks, charm, and intelligence?

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