Taking a hiatus

For the first time in the year I’ve been blogging, there will be no post today. Quite frankly, I am sick to my stomach that my fellow countrymen are so stupid and have been paying so little attention to what’s happening that they would give majority governmental power to someone who was a tyrant when he DIDN’T have an unchecked majority.

Regular blogging will resume when I stop vomiting, and when I stop hating the Canadian people.


  1. Steve says

    Well said… I too am disgusted that Canadians could be so blind even when the evidence of this dictator is staring everyone so blatantly in the face…

    Excuse me while I go throw up as well.


  2. CHADMAC says

    Exactly. I felt ill when I turned on my TV at 7:30 and saw the Conservatives creeping to a majority – and it just got worse throughout the night. It just makes no sense to me. I agree with Steve…. “disgusted” pretty much sums up my feelings.

  3. grassrute says

    “…who was a tyrant when he DIDN’T have an unchecked majority.”
    Just in case you’re unsure of what a dictator or tyrant is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dictator
    Stephen Harper, despite his flaws, is no dictator. His terms in office to date were that of appeasement and compromise. The next four years will be breath of fresh air…as long as I’m nowhere near the vomiting whiners.

  4. says

    Oh, how I wish I could visit the fantasy world you live in, in which muzzling members of your own party as well as stifling scientific research, ignoring the opinions of the populace and law enforcement experts (on matters of law enforcement, no less), actively campaigning on behalf of a conservative spin network, defying the scientific consensus, and being in repeated contempt of democratically-elected Parliament is considered “appeasement and compromise”.

    Sadly, I am still stuck in the world where those things make you a dictatorial tyrant. Along with 60% of the country.

  5. grassrute says

    “muzzling members of your own party” All the parties are guilty of this. The Conservatives are actually the most democratic when it comes to free votes. Consider how the dictator Ignatief whipped the liberal mp’s http://taxpayer.com/blog/22-04-2010/dissenting-liberal-mpscan-their-conscience-be-whipped and the NDP is worse.

    “stifling scientific research” typical response of a socialist who just lost funding

    “ignoring the opinions of the populace and law enforcement experts” I believe it was you who said “opinions are like assholes…” There are also differing views among law enforcement experts. Consider Julian Fantino. http://openparliament.ca/politicians/julian-fantino/

    “defying the scientific consensus” It would be irresponsible to prematurely make dramatic policy change based on the fictitious global warming theory.

    “Along with 60% of the country” A fictitious number. I am one of many who did not vote Conservative (although I previously said I would, I changed my mind). There are many who didn’t vote for Harper who know he’s not a dictatorial tyrant. If we’re going to play numbers games, why not focus on these:
    Over 80% of Canadians did NOT vote for Michael Ignatieff
    Almost 70% of Canadians did NOT vote for Jack Layton
    Every election we hear complaints of our First-Past-the-Post system by the losers. This is the system favoured by most Canadians. In fact, an Ontario Referendum in 2007 saw 63% voting for the status quo in favour of First-Past-the-Post.

  6. says

    1. Whipping votes isn’t the same as banning members of your party from speaking to the media. It’s not the same as refusing to do media scrums outside of a tightly controlled environment.

    2. I haven’t lost shit. My funding comes from a variety of sources, most of which are non-governmental. Besides, I’m a salaried employee. And did you SERIOUSLY just call me ‘a socialist’? Are you fucking kidding? Henceforth, anyone regurgitating Republican Party rhetoric word for word will be disemvoweled. If you’re going to be stupid, at least do yourself the courtesy of being original in your stupidity.

    3. Yeah, but when the RCMP and the police unions tell you that something is an effective tool, and ABSOLUTELY NOBODY tells you it isn’t, then you’re not simply operating from a difference of opinion – you’re doing things for ideological reasons.

    4. I should have known better, I guess, than to assume you had even the slightest knowledge about the science behind climate change. Harper DID make dramatic policy changes, in the complete opposite direction from the rest of the civilized world. It’s almost as though other countries actually LISTEN to scientists, rather than the simple-minded whims of their least-educated electorate. Weird how that works…

    5. Michael Ignatieff and Jack Layton don’t have Parliamentary majorities with less than half of the popular vote, so your statement is erroneous.

    6. As you can probably guess, I don’t really care much about if a decision is POPULAR, I care about whether or not it makes SENSE. 63% of Ontarians are idiots on matters electoral.

  7. grassrute says

    “And did you SERIOUSLY just call me ‘a socialist’?” It wasn’t my intention to label you a socialist. Better wording would have been “that’s the kind of response I expect to hear from a socialist”

    “63% of Ontarians are idiots on matters electoral” The same goes for the rest of the Country. I am satisfied with the federal outcome that resulted from the 40% of Canadians who aren’t idiots.

    “Michael Ignatieff and Jack Layton don’t have Parliamentary majorities with less than half of the popular vote” Thank God

    I think I’ve spent enough time arguing in defense of a Prime Minister I didn’t vote for… seems about as intelligent as vomiting over election results.

  8. says

    *Sigh* I can’t tell anymore if you’re just trying to antagonize me, or if you just don’t bother to listen to yourself.

    I am satisfied with the federal outcome that resulted from the 40% of Canadians who aren’t idiots.

    This stands in EXACT OPPOSITION to the point you just made – you said that since a majority of people vote for something, that represents the will of the people. Would you have been satisfied if Ontario had ignored the 63% of its citizens that voted to keep the FPTP system and implemented a new system because of the will of a strategic minority? No, you’d say it was a socialist plot or persecution of good Christians or something. In the same way, a minority of people have decided to give one person (with a history of autocracy) essentially unchecked political power. I disagree with the political opinions of this group, but I am not saying the results are illegitimate – I am saying that the system that allows such a discrepancy is a bad one.

  9. grassrute says

    “This stands in EXACT OPPOSITION to the point you just made” no it doesn’t. By referring to the 40% who aren’t idiots, I was playing on your previous statement “63% of Ontarians are idiots on matters electoral” If I really felt the entire 60% who didn’t vote Conservative were idiots, I’d also be labelling myself as an idiot.

    In addition, I am one of the 60% who didn’t vote Conservative who is satisfied with the results. It’s safe to say there are many others who didn’t vote Conservative who are also satisfied with them. In other words, although 40% may have voted Conservative, there are many who may have voted Liberal, or for a fringe party, who prefer Harper to Layton.

    As for FPTP, it’s not my preferred method either, but I was outvoted. So I do agree with you that the system sucks.

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