I’m back!

After over 24 hour of traveling, I arrived back in Seattle last night. But I’m not posting until now because I promptly passed out at 9pm. Missed all of the 4th of July fireworks and was too tired to care. Maybe spending two weeks in Europe is what made me so unpatriotic.

As fun Paris was, I’m glad to be back home. I missed Mexican and Asian food, being able to communicate with people in a language I spoke, not getting run over by mopeds on sidewalks, and Pixel. Pixel, however, has greeted me by biting me and puking on the floor. I think she may be mad at me.

Expect Parisian photo dumps throughout the day. And then tomorrow, like the insane person I am, I get back on a plane to fly over to the Secular Student Alliance conference! Which should be awesome, despite my jet lag.

Until then, how’s it going? What the hell happened in the rest of the world for the past two weeks? I hear the blogosphere was perfectly calm in my absence (I seriously still have no idea what’s going on…for once I was not the cause of drama, hooray!).


  1. julian says


    I love pictures.

    Also apparently some guy named Higgs was found. Been looking for him for a couple decades or something.

  2. evilDoug says

    I’m confused. I thought it was the boatswain of a ship named Higgs that was found.
    Puking puddy Pixel p.o.’d at peripatetic person? Probably.

  3. kaboobie says

    And when the dust cleared, Thunderf00t was gone. So was Greg Laden, for an unrelated incident, and the backchannel can probably fill you in on that better than we can as observers.

    Glad you’re back from your much-deserved vacation!

  4. ajb47 says

    Glad your travels were safe and fun.

    As to what you missed, well, there’s a heat wave here in the mid-atlantic states, I’m going to have a tomato on one of my plants ready to pick soon (and in the same vein, I will have way too many jalapen(with a curly thingy)o peppers to eat and need to learn how to preserve them), and also I made my first ceviche.

    I feel like I’m forgetting something…

  5. says

    Technically, you were the cause of this one, too.

    You see, all this started when you mentioned something at Women in Secularism and suddenly the blogosphere exploded in misogynistic rage, which has now culminated in Paula Kirby trying to look like a Chill Girl.

    Yes, I’m suggesting that you invented feminism a few weeks ago, causing all of this backlash.

  6. IslandBrewer says

    Please, don’t listen to any of them.

    Absolutely nothing happened here on FtB. No drama whatsoever. Nope. Not a bit.

    And definitely no drama about new and notable bloggers not understanding privilege. Nope. Nor about going BANANAS about the subject. Not at all.

    On another note, your blog has been moved to the other side of the page on the FtB home.

    No reason.

  7. chezjake says

    Preserving hot peppers is probably the easiest of all home preserving techniques. Wash the peppers in cold water, dry them by tossing in a clean dish towel, cut a slit the length of each pepper into the center cavity, and pack them loosely into canning jars. Fill each jar to within a quarter inch of the top with cheap *dry* sherry wine. Close jars firmly and let them sit in a relatively cool dark place. Within a few days the jars will have vacuum sealed themselves. The peppers will keep thus for years.

    When you need a pepper or two, open a jar, remove the peppers you want, and top up the jar with more sherry.

    Added bonus, when you just want a bit of hot pepper flavor for a sauce, salad dressing, or soup, just use a tot of that marinating sherry and them top up the jar with fresh sherry again.

    BTW, welcome back, Jen!

  8. chezjake says

    “On another note, your blog has been moved to the other side of the page on the FtB home.”

    You may finally consider yourself to be a genuine leftist.

  9. says

    Holy hell – you managed to get three of the most vexing issues for animal welfare campaigners in one post: pork, foie gras and veal!

    Next year, you must visit the Far East, and report on how good the sweet and sour dog and egg-fried cat is.

  10. says

    I don’t have a problem with people eating dog or cat either even though I personally wouldn’t, so if you were trying to convince me what I ate was wrong, you’ve failed to do so.

  11. Arkady says

    Depends on the type of veal – it’s only white veal where the animals are kept unable to move and fed milk long after they should be weaned. Pink veal, where the calves have been allowed to move around and eat a normal diet should be fine.

    Sadly, pink veal isn’t widely available in the UK despite the number of calves produced by the dairy industry, they’re either exported-for-nothing or shot. I remember the horror of a vet student housemate years back when she worked on a farm where the male calves were shot, in her native Poland veal calves were slaughtered at 6 weeks.

    (there are now some producers of ethical fois gras, where the geese have not been forcefed. Still probably not that common in France though)

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