What should we call grad school?

I wanted to share one of my recent favorite things with you, especially since I know I have a surprising number of readers who are either in grad school or have been in it. I present to you the tumblr “What should we call grad school?” Here are some of my favorites:

“How I feel when I answer all the questions during my presentation”

“When I realize the talk is on computational biology”

“My audience when I tell them my data is trending on significance”

“When someone tells me they want to go into industry”

“Trying to pass my dead end project to someone else”

If you don’t get any of the jokes…well, then you’re probably not a grad student.

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  1. Martha says

    That last one is equally true for us professors who now try to hand off projects to new students!

  2. PSG says

    Also one of my favorite tumblrs. I’ve got a couple on my google reader and between them there’s a giggle a day, guaranteed – and at the end of a long day in lab, I usually need one. :)

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