Jesus loves racial stereotypes

The only way to summarize this video is my reaction:

“Oh lord, awful Native American stereotype. Wait, they’re cutting out to a diverse group. They’re not going to go through each – wait – yes, yes they are. Jesus, the Asian eyes aren’t even glued on properly. …Good lord it gets worse and worse. OH MY GOD THE BLACK PEOPLE WTF. …And the white people are from the South, of course. I’m so glad that’s ov-OH MY GOD JOSE! JOSE! I want to cry. I’m losing my mind watching this.”

You know you need to sit through the whole thing now.


  1. says

    Fuck, now I gotta have THAT stuck in my head? *stabs self with a fork*… also, no love for the pacific? Maori? Samoan? Jesus apparently doesn’t love your brown ass, man.

  2. cat says

    Why? Why are they grey and vaguely greenish (Jose)? Then again, why am I expecting rationality from something so terrible.

  3. says

    Did they run out of brown when they made the black and hispanic kids? Why teh fuck were they gray?And with all that flashing at the end, Jesus apparently doesn’t love epileptic children.

  4. Rob says

    I’m so confused. Why did they play La Marseillaise right before introducing the white hicks? Are they French hicks?Also, everything else.

  5. Moonablaze says

    not only is Jose darker than the “black” people, but the “white” kid with the cowboy hat is the same color as the “black” people.

  6. ZelKwin says

    Actually, we’re studying something relevant in my women’s studies class right now, that explains the “La Marseillaise” before the hicks. We’ve been discussing the construction of race in America and how non-white people are often given a modifier in front of American based on skin color, such as Cuban American, African American, Asian American, etc. In many ways, just American is synonymous with white, hence the white kids get what is thought of as a patriotic song before their solo. Because, you know, REAL Amuricans are white! -sigh-

  7. Speffles says

    And now gouge out my eyes, it’s only fair. Why does the white puppet get to sing with her grandad? Why can’t the asian puppets sing at the same time? Why did no-one warn me that Jesus’ love comes with age limitations? When does it stop? 12, 18, 21? Either way I’m too old to qualify.

  8. Ntsc says

    I think that is population dependent. Where I came from, much of the population is from Scandinavia, and self-described as Danish-American, Swedish-American or Norwegian-American. To the point of naming institutions that way.

  9. says

    I remember singing this as a kid and always laughed because there are no red or yellow people, not realizing that it was a racist way of talking about Native Americans and Asians. Ahhh the innocence of youth.

  10. Lo says

    I never knew there was the color bit.When we sang it in church, those lyrics were never taught or projected on the screen. Haha!

  11. Matt says

    My sister-in-law, who is no longer religious, went to a Christian college and got to perform this very puppet show for local schoolchildren, complete with Jose.

  12. Steve in SA says

    Why not, so many of the leaders in his church are? Obviously they’ve already considered “WWJD”

  13. Cynthia says

    I remember watching a different puppet version of this song when I was little. Same song, but without the racist stereotypes. Like BeamStalk, I remember being confused by the red/yellow, and even the black/white part, not understanding how they referred to race. “I’m not really white, I’m light brown. And black people aren’t black, they’re dark brown.”I remember figuring that the song was just talking about the colour of the puppets themselves, and took the message as “Jesus loves all the little children, no matter who you are.”

  14. the_Siliconopolitan says

    You know you need to sit through the whole thing now.

    Nah.It’s not fun if you’re not in the room.

  15. WingedBeast says

    I remember this from Sunday School. I’d never heard Native Americans referred to as “red” before, or people of East Asian decent referred to as “Yellow”. I just thought it was a random throwing of colors out there to make the “Jesus loves everybody” point by being silly. To my 6 year old mind, it would have made just as much sense to throw in plaid, paisley, and tie-dyed.Now, I look back on it and think about what a great introduction to racism that makes for little kids.

  16. says

    When I was in Sunday school we used to make bracelets with beads that represented a story and there were four beads to represent all the people of the world. They were red, yellow black and white. I always got in trouble when I asked why it wasn’t a rainbow.

  17. Kristin says

    That was…wow. I don’t know whether I should feel sorry for or ashamed of those involved.Aside from everything else, that is some horrible puppetry.

  18. Fatbinos says

    I can’t believe this was/is a mainstream song. I would have thought it was some weird fringe thing w/o reading the other comments here. And no love for brown people?

  19. Mal says

    Jesus may love red, yellow, black, white and Jose… but boy does he hate those Muslim kids. And Mauris.

  20. NotThatGreg says

    Whiskey Tango frikkin’ Foxtrot.So wrong, so wrong.. I’ve typed three or four things in here and then deleted each one, since to point out any one (or seven) wrong thing would just leave me thinking “what about everything else..”

  21. says

    I made my feelings about this video known via Twitter shortly after it was posted. I can’t believe I watched part of it again. I’d never heard “La Marseillaise” until I saw people mentioning it as the song played before the American puppets came on, so that wasn’t what I heard. What I heard was the opening notes to the first verse of the “Marine Corps Hymn.”According to Wikipedia the music for that particular song appears to have been taken from a French opera. Not the most reliable source, I know, and I have no idea why they would choose that particular song to introduce the American puppets. It would at least make more sense than the French national anthem.Of course this could all be a desperate attempt by my mind to latch onto something familiar in a feeble attempt to make sense out of insanity.

  22. says

    Yeah, the new, PC lyrics to “Jesus Loves the Little Children” are, “every color race, all are covered by his grace.”Also, this video is using two songs. The song that the individual stereotypes sing is “Jesus Loves Me” and the song that they use with the group is “Jesus Loves the Little Children”. Then the white French Texans get a snippet of “La Marseillaise” thrown in before they sing bits of both songs on their own. Even as puppets being whiteish has its privileges. Dear god I don’t know if I can recover from this video tonight… More scotch is needed.

  23. Jen (but not the blogger Jen) says

    Oh sweet Hades… That was hilariously painful and painfully hilarious. They’re just trying so HARD, and failing so BADLY!

  24. says

    I…I….I…… I couldn’t get through it. I got as far as the Lady-and-the-Tramp-Siamese-Cat-style vocals for the “yellow” (oh god) beloved children of Jesus….and I had to make it stop. My soul has been scorched by this horror. It hurts.

  25. Kaitlyn says

    I REMEMBER THIS!!!!! I went to a Christian elementary school, and we sang this song in chapel all the time. We even acted out the different part in what I’m sure was a horribly racist manner. God, how could the adults in our lives actually think that subjecting us to this crap was a good idea?!?!?!

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