Tune in to League of Reason tomorrow!

I’ll be one of “three hurricanes of female skeptical ass-kicking” participating in a discussion about ladies of skepticism tomorrow. I’m not sure what can make that endorsement any better, other than mentioning the other two hurricanes are Rebecca Watson and Ashley Paramore (healthyaddict).

You can tune in by going to League of Reason tomorrow, Sunday the 10th at noon PST (3pm EST). It’ll be live and two hours long, so let’s hope I don’t herp and derp too much.


  1. Jeanette says

    Oh my god you and Rebecca Watson are my two favorite skeptics! :O I’ll definitely be listening to that :)

  2. rabbitpirate says

    You’ll be fine. I did the show a few weeks back and was nervous as hell about it. But AndromedasWake is really good at running the whole thing and making everyone feel comfortable about it. The time also flies by. Two hours seems like forever at the beginning of the show but it gone before you know it. The only odd bit is sitting in front of your computer and carrying on a conversation with someone you can’t see. Unlike being on the phone it just felt odd to me, I kept expecting someone to walk in and assume I had finally lost it.So good luck and have fun. Don’t worry about the herps and derps too much. I think there were points when I flat out said I had no idea what I was saying and it didn’t seem to matter. Oh yeah and I should probably take the blame for you being on there in the first place. As soon as AW said he wanted to do a show about female skeptics I immediately emailed him saying he should get you on. So sorry about that.

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