Origami: Cootie catcher deluxe

Cootie catcher deluxe

Cootie catcher deluxe, designer unknown

Back when I was going to origami meetups, somebody showed me a design which they called the Cootie Catcher Deluxe.  It’s a variation on the cootie catcher, aka the fortune teller.  There’s some additional ornamentation where your fingers would go–which makes it non-functional as a fortune teller–but I’m not complaining.  Anyway, they couldn’t remember how they made it, and I couldn’t find any mention of it on the internet.  So here we have a legit reverse-engineering problem.  Those are fun.

After a few tries, I eventually figured out how to make it, and drew up some diagrams.  Here’s another version where I created only a quarter of the Cootie Catcher Deluxe–and in fact I prefer this version.  These are neat to make at parties.

Cootie catcher deluxe quarter

Here’s my diagram, as a crease pattern.  It looks more complicated than it really is.  You basically work from the outside in, making all the hard creases.  Fold in the corners, fold in the sides, fold in the corners, fold in the sides, repeat.  Afterwards you pop it up by creasing along the soft creases.  Well, I’m not saying it’s easy, I’m just saying it’s simpler than it looks.

Cootie catcher deluxe crease pattern


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    @Crip Dyke,
    Sorry I don’t really have the time or video editing skills to make a decent video. I know that the written instructions aren’t enough to go by–they weren’t really intended as complete instructions.

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