Origami: Stairway leaf

Stairway leaf

Stairway leaf, a design by me

You can make some pretty things with relatively simple patterns in origami.  This model is the result of some experimentation with pleats.  It has two parallel sets of pleats, which meet along a zig zag line.  This is one of those models that when I stare at it for long enough, I start thinking about more things I could do with this.


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    Are you willing to share your instructions? Could it be accomplished by a duffer like me?

    I was thinking about things to send out in my end of the year cards, and it occurred to me that a bit of origami would be the right amount of personal effort without resource consumption to give a smile to the people I care about, letting them know that I value them in ways that can’t be counted in dollars, yet not so time consuming I can’t do a personal one for each person on my list.

    If I practiced for an hour to 90 minutes, could I crank out a dozen of these in another 90 minutes? while there are other things I could fold, this leaf seems particularly well suited to both my personality/values and also to the requirements that whatever I send be mostly flat (or flattenable without ruining it).

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    @Crip Dyke,
    Sorry I don’t have instructions for this one! It uses basic tessellation techniques, but even those are really hard to explain, and can be difficult if you’ve never done them before. Also it isn’t flat, so not great for cards.

    A couple years ago, I made like 50 of these stars for, uh, my anniversary party, so there’s a suggestion!

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