Origami: First cubes

I try to post origami every month, but as of late, my rate of production has been less than that.  That’s okay, I still have a huge backlog of photos.  One thing I’ve never posted, are my very earliest photos, when I started doing modular origami in………. 2012.  Well here’s the very first one:

sonobe cube

Sonobe Cube, by Mitsunobu Sonobe

I started out by folding designs from Beginner’s Book of Modular Origami Polyhedra: The Platonic Solids by Rona Gurkewitz and Bennett Arnstein–it’s not the book in the photo, it’s more beginner-friendly than that.  It’s a good starter book for modular origami, I recommend it.

I didn’t dedicate much effort to the photos at the time.  The book is there because that’s what I had on the shelf.  I put my hand in the photo to give it a sense of scale; also, as if to say “Zap!  A cube!”  I went on to zap more cubes from there on.

two cubes

Cube With Windows by Bennett Arnstein, next to the Sonobe Cube

Zap!  Zap!

one cube linked with another

Open Frame II–Plain by Tomoko Fuse, linked with the previous cube

And I never stopped zapping things.

Funny that I put my scratch paper into the photo, but that was a thing that I did on multiple occasions.  I was (and still am) interested in hinting at the process behind the art, and the process does indeed involve doing geometry.  On paper.  Not for the cubes though!  Cubes just spill out of my fingers.


  1. kestrel says

    These are neat! I like that you have part of the process in the photo. I think that’s very effective.

    I always look forward to your origami posts. Always interesting.

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