Origami: Budding Sonobe

Budding Sonobe

Budding Sonobe, my design, made from Sonobe units

This is one of those origami models that other people seem to like much more than I do.  I think it’s over-designed.

I thought I’d have it recursively branch multiple levels, and at each level one of the branches would have a “mutation”.  You can see the pinwheel design on the upper right branch, the pink cube on the left branch. All this on top of the blue/orange/red/green color scheme.  I didn’t branch very many times because it didn’t seem structurally sound enough, and also I wasn’t too fond of it.  But still, some people like it.  If you like it, maybe you can tell me why.

My guess is that people like it for its intricate design.  I think it uses… *counts to self* …60 pieces of paper, each one 3.75 cm.  The whole model fits in my palm.  Each sheet is folded into a Sonobe unit, which is just very standard and flexible origami unit.  If I were to try it again, I would keep it intricate but reduce the design entropy.

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