A scandal per week: Trump headlines from the past year

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January 1-7: Trump: Clinton, Obama ‘created ISIS’

January 8-14: Donald Trump: NFL ‘football has become soft like our country has become soft’

January 15-21: Donald Trump Quotes Scripture, Sort of, at Liberty University Speech

January 22-28: Trump: I could ‘shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters’

January 29-February 4: Trump: I Would ‘Strongly Consider’ Appointing Judges To Overturn Same-Sex Marriage

February 5-11: Trump puts a price on his wall: It would cost Mexico $8 billion

February 12-18: Donald Trump on 9/11: “You Will Find Out Who Really Knocked Down The World Trade Center”

February 19-25: Donald Trump on protester: ‘I’d like to punch him in the face’

February 26-March 3: Donald Trump Refuses to Condemn KKK, Disavow David Duke Endorsement

March 4-10: Donald Trump defends size of his penis

March 11-17: Donald Trump Warns Supporters Could Riot if He Doesn’t Get GOP Nomination

March 18-24: ‘Unpredictability’ on Nukes Among Trump Keys to Muslim Respect

March 25-31: Trump Advocates Abortion Ban, Walks Back ‘Punishment’ for Women Remark

April 1-7: Donald Trump took 5 different positions on abortion in 3 days

April 8-14: The Charitable Donations Donald Trump’s Been Bragging About Were Just Rounds of Golf and Other People’s Money

April 15-21: Donald Trump botches 9/11 tribute, thanks heroes of 7-Eleven

April 22-28: Trump on Syrian refugees: “Lock your doors”

April 29-May 5: Rape claim worth $100m against Donald Trump dismissed after claimant ‘files wrong form’

May 6-12: Donald Trump’s Idea to Cut National Debt: Get Creditors to Accept Less

May 13-19: Crossing the Line: How Donald Trump Behaved With Women in Private

May 20-26: Donald Trump brings up old attacks against Bill Clinton

May 27-June 2: Donald Trump Tells Drought-Plagued Californians: ‘There Is No Drought’

June 3-9: Donald Trump’s Business Plan Left a Trail of Unpaid Bills

June 10-16: Donald Trump Seizes on Orlando Shooting and Repeats Call for Temporary Ban on Muslim Migration

June 17-23: Donald Trump’s Self-Funding Includes Payments to Family and His Companies

June 24-30: Donald Trump, in Scotland, Calls ‘Brexit’ Result ‘a Great Thing’

July 1-7: Trump tweet that blasts Clinton as corrupt includes the Star of David

July 8-14: ‘Her mind is shot’: Donald Trump-Ruth Bader Ginsburg feud goes nuclear

July 15-21: Trump campaign tries to move on from plagiarism controversy

July 22-28: Donald Trump Calls on Russia to Find Hillary Clinton’s Missing Emails

July 29-August 4: Trump asks why US can’t use nukes

August 5-11: Donald Trump Suggests ‘Second Amendment People’ Could Act Against Hillary Clinton

August 12-18: Trump fires up recruitment of poll watchers as he warns of election ‘cheating’

August 19-25: Trump pitches black voters: ‘What the hell do you have to lose?’

August 26-September 1: Trump on immigration: No amnesty, no pivot

September 2-8: Trump says Putin ‘a leader far more than our president’

September 9-15: Donald Trump campaign releases medical information, cites ‘stamina’

September 16-22: Trump: Black communities in worst shape ‘ever, ever, ever’

September 23-29: Trump wanted to fire women who weren’t pretty enough, say employees at his California golf club

September 30-October 6: Donald Trump Tax Records Show He Could Have Avoided Taxes for Nearly Two Decades, The Times Found

October 7-13: Trump on Hot Mic: ‘When You’re a Star … You Can Do Anything’ to Women

October 14-20: Donald Trump Says He Will Accept Election Outcome (‘if I Win’)

October 21-27: Trump says he’ll sue sexual misconduct accusers

October 28-November 3: Donald Trump’s Companies Destroyed Emails in Defiance of Court Orders

November 4-10: Trump Says It’s Impossible to Search 650,000 Emails in Eight Days. He’s Wrong.

November 11-17: Critics See Stephen Bannon, Trump’s Pick for Strategist, as Voice of Racism

November 18-25: Donald set to pay $25M in Trump University fraud case settlement

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