Belief versus knowledge

Here’s a quick illustration of the difference between knowledge and belief: Christians believe that Jesus loved them so much he was willing to lay aside his divinity, descend from heaven, and spend 33 years growing up in poverty and preaching the Gospel and ultimately dying a horrible, painful death for them. But they know that if they drop their pencil on the floor, Jesus will never pick it up and hand it to them.


  1. Holms says

    Not to mention that a religious person believes God exists, but knows people exist. A point I consider telling, as many christians claim that God presents all people with a chance to be convinved of his existence at least one before they die, thus, people are better ‘self-evangelists’ than God.

  2. harriswilkens says

    Not to also mention the myriad of ways to dismiss claims of “Knowing” their deity that have persisted quite nicely.

  3. sandi seattle says

    Of course there is also the fact that Jesus (whether deity or historical person) is dead and gone. You’ll find most Christian believe that as a the reason they have to pick up that pencil themselves. And who uses pencils anymore? Serious, they just gave out the lists for next yr at our neighbor kids school, she’s gonna be 3rd grade, 1 pack of disposable pens, note at bottom says pencils provided on test days.

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