Apr 18 2013

Finally, men are treated as sexual objects in a land of misogyny!

Three men were ejected from Saudi festival and were deported for ‘being too handsome’.

An annual culture festival in the Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh was interrupted when three men from the United Arab Emirates stand were ejected for being too handsome. “A festival official said the three Emiratis were taken out on the grounds [that] they are too handsome and that the Commission members feared female visitors could fall for them,” a news service said, adding that “the festival’s management took urgent measures to deport the three men to Abu Dhabi.” We have this problem a lot. In fact, a prerequisite of employment at our site is at least one prior arrest for extreme handsomeness or beauty.

I kind of like this news. We hear all the time that women, only because of their curvy body and beauty, are given the opportunities to sing, to dance, to act, to advertise, to moderate, to lead, to work etc. This three-men-are-ejected-because-of-their-beauty story gives us relief from monotony. The Saudi authority is so afraid of women! They not only put women in burqas, the permanent prisons, for the crime of being women, they get rid of everything that may make women sexually aroused. Women are deprived of their basic right to be looked at by others and the right to look at others.

The news of ejection and deportation of men will ruin the reputation of Saudi Arabia, the men’s world. Instead of deporting those men, the authority could have forced them to wear burqas for the crime of being too handsome. It is time for Saudi authority to become a bit inventive.

Misogyny is pathetic. But sometimes it is so fucking hilarious!


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  1. 1

    Kind of nice when women are perceived as the sexual ones and men as the sex objects who might inflame their lusts, for once.

  2. 2
    Paul Durrant

    Just as insane as doing the same to women.

    Hmm… why didn’t they just ask the men to cover up? :)

  3. 3
    Anju Batra

    Nice post. Keep up the good writing. we are reading.

  4. 4

    Oh please, they weren’t worried about the men tempting the _women_.

    Though my first thought was that it was an excuse for political persecution.

  5. 5

    I have a rule in my house, No men more handsome than I are allowed. . . . I’m so lonely :( But on a serious note How are these guys to be judged on their looks by other men in such a homophobic society? Wouldn’t their recognition as handsome men by other men be going too far?

  6. 6
    Urmila Mathonkar

    Ha Ha Ha. It is another aspect of controlling women – control of testosterones.

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