My first night with my beloved husband

‘…That night too, Rudra came home and cajoled me by saying, “Good girl, unwind a little, don’t keep yourself so stiff, soften your body a little,” and entered the path he had opened up. In that dark room, made darker by my shut eyes, when I was openly bearing the agony Rudra inflicted on my body, bearing the pain – suddenly like lightning a sharp pleasure spread through my body from head to toe. With the shock of that bolt of lightning I dug the ten nails of my hands into Rudra’s back. I gasped for breath. Panting, I asked “What happened!”
Rudra did not tell me what happened. Murmuring endearments like dear precious jewel he collapsed on top of me. That night, not once, but several times he brought me to orgasm. With this pleasure the nerves of agony gradually grew inert and inactive. I continued to moan, but this time with pleasure. I was now experiencing the pinnacle of pleasure.
At one point while I was still moaning, I noticed that Rudra was no longer beside me. He had not been there by my side for quite a while.
“Where are you?”
In the darkness a single point of red fire glowed. The fire was moving.
“Aren’t you going to sleep?”
“I’m coming.”
The red glow went out, the cigarette smoking was over, yet Rudra did not return to bed. My unruly, obsessive body wanted him intimately close, I kept one of my hands on his pillow, wanting to hold him in my arms when he returned, and sleep for the rest of the night, imbibing the scents of his body. I called again, “Where have you gone!”
There was a smell of anti-septic Dettol in the room.
“What’s wrong, what is this Dettol smell!”
“I am applying Dettol,” came Rudra’s voice out of the darkness.
“Why, what happened?”
“I have an itch.”
“Do you have to apply Dettol for that?”
“I am applying an ointment as well.”
“What ointment?”
“I don’t know.”
“Switch on the light, will you? Let me see where you are itching, and what ointment you are applying.”
Rudra switched on the light and saying, “Coming”, took the ointment and went off to the toilet. Under the lights I tidied my dishevelled sari, and sat waiting. When Rudra came, I examined his hands and legs and; there were no signs of scabies.
“Where are you itching?”
Without replying Rudra switched the light off, and lay down. Lying next to him, I placed a hand on his chest and said, “I can’t find any scabies.”
“There is.”
“It is in that area.”
“That area, which area?”
“On the penis.”
“On the penis.”
“Why are you applying Dettol?”
“It will help.”
“Has any Doctor told you so?”
“Who gave you the ointment? Some Doctor?”
“No. I bought it myself.”
“Will this ointment work?”
“I don’t know.”
“Then why are you applying it? Permethrin cream has to be applied for scabies. Is it itching a lot?”
“Yes, it is. Even a boil has appeared.”
“Not so small.”
“It shouldn’t be big. Why should it grow big?”
“Quite big.”
In my enthusiasm as a doctor, I sat up, switched on the lights and said, “Let me see what kind it is!”
Rudra kept lowering his lungi. The hair on his body grew gradually denser as they moved downwards, till they reached the cold sexual organ. At the base of the genitals was a red flower. No one had laid out my bridal chamber, on this my first night, with flowers. No roses, no marigolds, no hibiscus or jasmine. This flower on Rudra’s manhood had bedecked my first bridal bed of flowers. Yet, I had seen many penises like this one. This ulcer on the penis was a very familiar one. At the hospital, in the venereal diseases out-patients department, the male patients lowered their lungis and showed ulcers exactly like this one. These ulcers were identified by the Doctor’s dealing with sexually transmitted diseases or venereal diseases as Syphilis chancre, and were the chancres we had seen many times from a safe distance. Although Rudra’s ulcer looked like a Syphilis chancre, one ulcer could surely resemble another one! There must be many harmless ulcers, which looked like other ugly ulcers. There must be, my heart said, there was.
“When did this appear?”
“Just ten or twelve days ago.”
“Does it bleed?”
Whatever other disease Rudra may have contracted, there was no reason for him to be afflicted by Syphilis! I thought of all the other diseases it could be. Was this Eczema or psoriasis? Or maybe it was Penile penile papules! Or reiter’s syndrome! Or even pemphigus !
“Do you have any pain?”
Rudra shook his head. “No.”
This denial destroyed the possibility of all the other diseases. The Syphilitic ulcer also caused no pain.
“Doesn’t it pain even a little?”
Rudra was thinking. Think Rudra, think some more, if you just think a little more you will surely realize that it did pain.
But Rudra again shook his head. “No.”
“Have you slept on any stranger’s dirty bed? Or used anyone’s towel?”
He again shook his head. “No.”
A writer called Razia Begum had spent three months at a tea-garden in Sylhet for writing a novel about the tea-garden workers. Was it possible that Rudra had visited a brothel for writing poetry or a novel, and had used something there, like a towel? Had touched something in a toilet, and from these places the Syphilis virus, treponema pallidum, had travelled to his hands. Although I knew Syphilis did not spread like that I still asked, just in case it had! By chance if the virus had entered through some gap or hole!
“Have you been to prostitutes for some reason? For the purposes of your writings or something?”
“Why, no I haven’t!”
I was looking for other reasons, reasons for ulcers that looked like this. Searching. Searching. This was Rudra’s first intercourse with someone, just like mine. That is how it was supposed to be. That was what love was all about. One saved oneself, for the person one loved. I stared at Rudra’s ulcer. Then how come this ulcer! This ulcer did not look like any other! Even if it was Harpes Simplex or genital warts, these too were sexually transmitted diseases! Suppose this was Syphilis, from where did it enter into Rudra’s body if he had never been to a brothel! I was absorbed in deep thought. I touched the ulcer, and examined it from the left and right side. I looked at the form and shape of the ulcer. I looked at its color.
It looked exactly like a Syphilitic ulcer. My eyes confirmed it, but my mind couldn’t. But there was no reason to contract Syphilis. Then, how could it be that! A crease appeared between my eyebrows.
“Have you had any relationship with a girl?”
“What nonsense are you talking?”
Rudra pulled up his lungi. His ulcer got covered.
“Go to sleep, will you. It is very late.”
It may have been late, but my sleep had vanished. I was anxious to know the cause of this ulcer. Without any intercourse why should such an ulcer have appeared!
“Have you shown it your father?”
“You have it for over two weeks. Why haven’t you shown it to a Doctor?
“I haven’t.”
“If you apply ointments without a test, the ulcer will not heal.”
Rudra kept scratching his beard. He did this when he was very worried about something.
I abruptly said, “Do you know these ulcers appear if you have relations with prostitutes? You couldn’t possibly have gone to a prostitute!” I asked.
“No.” Rudra’s voice was icy.
“You really haven’t been? This is the first time you have ever had intercourse isn’t it with me?”
Rudra’s face suddenly changed. His two black brows joined together. As though somewhere inside his body there was some agony. He looked at my eyes for a long time. Even though I tried, I was unable to read the language of his eyes.
For a long time the two of us sat silently. Suddenly Rudra said, “Actually you know, I have been to the area.”
“Area meaning?”
The red-light areas.”
“You have? Why?”
“For the same reason other people go.”
“What reason?”
Rudra said nothing. Was my head throbbing? Did a tightness suddenly hurtle into my chest,making it difficult for me to breathe? My subsequent words were spoken much more slowly than before. The voice was breaking, trembling.
“Have you slept with a prostitute?”
He did not say anything. His eyes had turned stony.
“Speak, why aren’t you saying something? Speak.”
My eyes were full of anxiety. Say ‘No’, say ‘No’ Rudra. Please say ‘No’. In the hope of hearing the one word ‘No’, I sat waiting, like one bewitched.
“Yes,” said Rudra.
“What, you had sexual relations?”
I couldn’t recognize my own voice, as if it wasn’t mine at all, but someone else’s. As if a button had been pressed on a machine, and the machine was speaking.
The light was on in the room, yet darkness was deepening before my eyes. I was unable to breathe. For a long time I couldn’t breathe at all. Was this a patient suffering from venereal disease before me, or was it Rudra! My lover, my husband! I couldn’t believe this was Rudra. I couldn’t believe he was someone I had passionately loved for years, and fought against my whole family to be with him.
“When did you go?”
“Just two weeks ago.”
“Have you been just once?”
“You have never been before?”
“Your ulcer is two weeks old!”
“The ulcer couldn’t have appeared the very day you had intercourse. It takes sometime to form. Try and recall if you have been more than once.”
Staring at my eyes without blinking for a long time, he said slowly, “I have.”
I couldn’t believe my ears. I didn’t want to believe that I was not the first woman in Rudra’s life! For a long time I sat benumbed.
“You never told me about all this.”
“No, I didn’t.”
“Why not?”
Rudra heaved a deep sigh. Staring at the white wall, looking at what only he knew, he did not reply.
“The red light area, right? Where is that?”
“At Banishanta.”
“Where is Banishanta?”
“In this port.”
“Why do you go? Don’t you love me?”
“I do love you.”
“If you do, how did you sleep with anyone else? You lied to me all these days. You told me you had not touched anyone but me ever. Do you know, I can’t believe any of this?”

I found it painful to believe that Rudra had slept with another woman … the way he had slept with me. That he had kissed someone else in the same way as he had kissed my face and breasts. It was painful to believe that Rudra had entered anyone else as deeply as he had me. I felt as though my boat had sunk in mid-ocean. I too was sinking, as far as the eye could see there was no one, nothing at all. I was alone, I was drowning. My sky had fallen apart, my world had disintegrated and scattered to bits. The bits were now rolling into the bottom of the sea. In the boundless, billowy sea there was not even a dry piece of straw. I was drowning. It was as if I was not myself, I was someone else. I felt sorry for that someone else. The pain circulated in my nervous system and finally descended to my chest. It was as though all the rocks in the world were pressing down on my chest. I did not have the ability to utter a single word. Losing all my senses I wept copiously, through the night. The pillow, sari and bed sheets got soaked with my tears. I clung to Rudra’s hands and feet and cried, “Please tell me you are not speaking the truth. Tell me, you have not been to anyone else. You have not slept with anyone else. Please.”
Rudra’s silence was like that of a stone. With a pale face he watched me crying through the night.
He watched me crying in the morning, afternoon and evening. He watched me crying the whole day going without any food or bath. He himself ate and bathed. He spent the day like any other day. I wanted to sleep. To forget everything and sleep. But sleep would not come. When I asked for sleeping tablets, Rudra fetched two strips of sedatives from his father’s chambers. He had searched and found two strips, and those two strips he had given me. From the twenty tablets in the two strips, I was to take only one. I was to take one, so that I could take a tablet daily and sleep for the next twenty days. But hidden from Rudra, I swallowed all the twenty tablets at one go, that very day, that very evening, “I will go far away, but not let you forget me” was not the tune playing within me. I really wanted to go far away, wanted Rudra to forget me, never to remember that anyone by my name had been part of his life. I didn’t feel as though I could have borne my own existence any longer, or that my life had any value left any more. I didn’t think I could live a minute more with these intolerable pains and unbearable insults. Just when I was rushing towards this longed-for death, someone grabbed me from behind and stopped me. When I was brought back from that path, I found a hard pipe in my nose and beside me was standing Rudra’s Doctor father. The poison was taken out of my body, but from my mind not a drop of poison came out, my heart was dying. Before my eyes my heart moaned in its death-throes. I spent the whole night sleeplessly with my dead heart lying next to me.
I was 20, a medical student. My husband gave me a wedding gift in our first night together, that was Syphilis. Yes, he infected me with his disease.’


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  1. Ava, Oporornis maledetta says

    This is absolutely gripping. And I find it interesting that you wanted him to forget you. I would have wanted the revenge of regret, guilt, and remorse on his part–for a long time!

  2. Partha says

    Puts me to shame as a male. Aa a breed we are glorified as polygamous, which is infamy for a female. Thats the world we live in and persecute voices like Taslima who shatters the myth and lies about women we created for ages.

      • fork says

        Oh, yes. Much better to pretend that male sexual entitlement doesn’t exist and that you’re a gallant fellow who never avails himself of his privilege.

        • Liesmith says

          That seems like a bit of a false dichotomy; I can acknowledge and condemn patriarchy and privilege without being ashamed on behalf of those who abuse it.

          I feel disgust and anger at those actions and those people, but I don’t view them as a reflection of myself, because I can’t conceive of the thoughts that would lead someone to behave in such a way.

          I can say that I’m better than that man, because I am. I can say that I try not to avail myself of privilege, because I do try.

          I’m sure I still benefit in a thousand small ways I’ve never noticed– that’s the smog quality of privilege– but in all the ways I can filter it out, I do.

          Sorry to rant and get off topic…I don’t sleep much, so my thoughts are pretty scattered. I don’t know what my point was…we all agree that the guy is scum, and the system which allows and encourages such behavior is rotted.

          • fork says

            “. . . because I can’t conceive of the thoughts that would lead someone to behave in such a way.”
            But you can. As you said, “I’m sure I still benefit in a thousand small ways I’ve never noticed– that’s the smog quality of privilege”
            Just because you can’t see yourself doing that specific thing, doesn’t mean that you can’t extrapolate from your own behavior and understand the thought process of Taslima’s husband. Hell, anyone can “conceive of the thoughts” without being one of those people that would actually go on to behave that way.

            What you’re trying to do here is create an artificial line, where on one side, the exercising of male privilege (in the ways you do it) makes you still a decent guy, and on the other side, exercising male privilege makes the other guy “scum”. In both cases, it’s the same thing at work, the exercising of male privilege. It’s a difference of degree, not kind.

            You should feel shame for the ways you still benefit, not excuse yourself or give yourself a cookie because you’re “trying”.

  3. says

    this story is so representative of what many women experience in exploring sexuality- moments of tenderness and joy overshadowed by the reality of a patriarchal sexual order.

  4. cry4turtles says

    Yes, the patriarchal sexual order, and the unrealistic expectations that young adults are not allowed to explore their sexual side. They’re supposed to be unaturally celibate, and when that mandate is broken, there’s no coping mechanism. This poor girl tried to kill herself because her man did what all other men (and in healthy societies women) do-explore sexuality and the realities thereof, thereby arming them to cope. Just one of the many ways male dominance fucks up humanity, and I’m not blaming all men, just the ones steeping in it.

    • S Mukherjee says

      The husband in this case was not ‘exploring his sexuality’, since he could have easily done that with his wife. He was just taking advantage of the entitlement that society gives to men, that makes them feel that they have to go and use prostitutes’ bodies like toilets in order to be ‘masculine’.

    • says

      The problem isn’t marriage or puritanism. its the framework surrounding female sexuality in a patriarchal society.

      One of the main themes in it is that women are a sexual commodity for men. Men who want this commodity to be individually owned are puritans. Men who want this commodity to be rented or communally owned are not puritans, but don’t deviate from the patriarchal sexual order in any meaningful way. Prostitution is completely within the framework of patriarchy, women are bought and sold for their pleasure. Women are things that get “used up” by sex in both systems, inexperience is what makes women valuable in a patriarchy.

      I also wonder what kind of warped mindset it takes to think that women who are paid to pretend to like sex (and likely don’t want to be prostitutes at all) can be used for a genuine expression of sexuality. It only counts if you think sex is something done to women instead of something they actively enjoy and participate in.

  5. Shah M. Nasser says

    If MONOGAMY were the natural state for humans, then we would not even have words in our vocabulary like adultery or cheating. Only 3% of MAMMALS are monogamous and none of them are PRIMATES. We are no different.

    • punchdrunk says

      “Monogamous groups consist of an adult male and female with their children. When they are grown, the children leave to create their own nuclear families. While this group pattern is the most common one for humans, it is rare for non-human primates. It is found among the small Asian apes as well as some of the New World monkeys and prosimians. Specifically, monogamous family groups are the common pattern for gibbons, siamangs, titi monkeys, indris, tarsiers, and apparently some pottos.

    • says

      If LAW-ABIDING were the natural state for humans, we would not even have words in our vocabulary like murder, theft or crime! Most mammals fight, kill or steal from each other with impunity so we should too.

      More seriously, I agree with you that monogamy isn’t for everyone. The real injustice here is not that a man wanted to have multiple partners, but that he lied to his future wife, telling her that he loved her alone and had never slept with anyone else. If he had been honest with her from the start and said that he wanted an open marriage, she either would have gone into the marriage knowing what to expect, or she would have moved on and found someone else who wanted be with her and only her.

        • chamak says

          Dear Sis Taslima,
          It is high time to come to the light. Seek Allah’s guide to realize absolute humanity. He must hear u as He is the most Gracious and the Merciful..

          • BethE says

            Please go away. He has not heard her before this, why should she think that now would be any different?

            Or are you a Turing godspambot?

      • cry4turtles says

        Perhaps he was just as much victim as she, living in a world with ridiculous sexual expectations. In my world, I knew my hubby had others and vice versa. We could be open and honest without fear of repercussions. And we were educated about STDs. Perhaps this man would have approached the entire situation differently if he too were free to be honest?

        • says

          No doubt he was harmed by living in a sexually repressed society as well, but he wasn’t as trapped as you might think. His marriage to Ms Nasreen was not arranged by their families. Men’s sexuality isn’t controlled as strictly as women’s in such cultures. Everyone knows that prostitutes exist and that some men visit them. It is considered improper but a man can be discreet about it.

          He could have allowed his family to find him a wife who would have turned a blind eye. He didn’t have to choose a “love marriage” and pursue a girl who had to fight her whole family to be with him, telling her lies about how he loved only her and hadn’t been with anyone else. He especially didn’t have to continue visiting brothels during their whole courthsip and up to two weeks before their wedding night. That was a rotten thing to do.

          • Cry4turtles says

            I certainly agree it was a rotten thing to do and I’m not trying to provide an excuse. I just can’t help but feel than some men are victims of their society’s sexual expectations as well and may be afraid to be honest lest they too are judged, and may (if possible) lose someone they really do love. And of course there’s that lack of STD education that will continue to wreak havoc. Sad indeed for Taslima.

    • says

      Not many times happened to her (me), it happened much more to others. She is an educated and independent person. Not many women are strong like her. It happens to millions of women not because women are bad. It happens because men are bad. It happens because abusers abuse and criminals commit crimes. It happens because you people blame and punish the victims, not the criminals.

    • No Light says

      They happen because she’s a woman in a patriarchal world.

      She’s every woman. She’s a convenient hole, an ambulatory uterus, a bitch, a cunt, a punchbag, an unpaid servant, a creature.

      She’s every woman under patriarchy, and everything will happen to every woman all the time, until patriarchy is destroyed.

  6. StevoR says

    @ ^ Z : Right back at you! What the fuck do you know or understand ‘Z’?

    Also Taslima clearly knows a lot and far from being a kid is the person writing and sharing this blog and such painful stories of her life with us. Bet you haven’t done so publicly and wouldn’t have the guts to do that just as you don’t have the guts to comment here with your real name.

  7. StevoR says

    Taslima, I don’t know what to say. But am very moved. That was brilliantly written, horrendous and so sad.

    Wish I could do something to change things for you.

    Wish the world wasn’t as hellish as it sometimes seems especially at times like that.

    Internet [[hugs]] if you want them.

    Respect and sympathies to you always.

  8. P.V. Rajan says





  9. jhalak says

    Dear T,

    In the morning went through the above blog and penned my views instantaneously. Wish to interact with you more.


  10. jasmin says

    Assallam bubbu
    Love is blind n painful too,but we have to face all this. As we know ALLAH is always with his followers so always be happy in life at any situation.

  11. wong says

    That was a make up story. Even trying to tell lies . A medical student can’t marry until she graduated . Typical Indian liar !

  12. Shoily Rahman says

    Felt so bad reading the story, Dont know why life has to be so unfair to some people. Dont know why cant men be honest to their partners/girlfriends/wives. If they do not want them, should leave the relationship first and then go to the other person. Why the hell they have to break someone’s trust? If he loved being with a prostitute girl then why he played with someone’s emotion/heart? Finally, this guy went to a prostitute, why not he proposed to his girl friend?

    Then again there are bad girls too. Men go to women, they all are not prostitutes, lot of women stay in a relationship and keep secondary relationships here and there with other men. What you call them?

    We women who want to live honestly and happily with one single relationship are the ones always hurt. In today’s world there is no value of honesty, integrity and sincerity. This is so very unfortunate.

  13. Kiran says

    I hate People like Rudra who kept his innocent true loving partner in dark for years, played with her emotions, taken her for granted cheating behind her.. Its really becoming trend of youth these days, being it adult male/female, they loose virginity to someone else before getting married and don’t even bother to inform/discuss about it with future partner and give them choice to decide.

    Knowingly Unknowingly for the better future for their children many parents lie/hide the health disorders and get marriages done.. and most of such relationships end dramatically putting almost end to the future of an individual.

    Its every individual’s responsibility to be transparent and honest to our loved ones..

    Taslima Nasreen i must really appreciate your strong willpower you sustained such hard situations in life alone and i believe you must have moved on by now.. I wish you get lots of good friends and one special friend in your life who will make u forget about past and help you enjoy the present and plan for happy future…


  14. Anirvinna says

    This story is a reflection of state of relationships in today’s youth. Though its unfair to say, sex is the driving force of many ephemeral relationships these days, of course camouflaged in verbose love statements. What happened to Taslima is a proof of it

  15. says

    La qualita’ delle informazioni su questo sito è davvero alta. Ci sono un sacco di buone risorse qui. Di sicuro visitero’ il vostro blog di nuovo molto presto.

  16. Selina says

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  17. Anamarie says

    My name is Anamarie and I’m here to let you know that with what people say, it may seem impossible, but with what you believe…..NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE, I made a promise to Priest JAYEMA and to myself that WHEN he restored my marriage, I would testify and tell the world…I would share EVERY single detail no matter how shameful and embarrassing it would be, in the hope and knowledge that I would someday be able to bring some kind of hope for a hurting wife or husband who would’ve been going through what I once was. I’ll try to be as brief as possible but I really don’t want to leave any detail out…no matter how small, because it may be the very thing the priest wants to use to inspire and encourage a stander or prodigal spouse. I don’t want to apportion blame too much here but suffice it to say we had some in-law issues which contributed greatly to our demise…but that is another story and I want to concentrate on how priest JAYEMA showed up and showed off in the mist of my situation. Today. My husband of 1 year and 7 months left me on November 30th, 2012.But. all thanks and all praise be to God who give power to priest JAYEMA, he is now back home and we are rebuilding a marriage that from all counts and to the naked eye in the natural realm was dead. As far as I could see we were the perfect couple went out together.stayed home together,laughed, joked,we were like two peas in a pod of course we had our regular marital marriage is addition to the above we also. argued and sometimes told each other some harsh words.LIKE EVERY OTHER COUPLE,it isn’t right but it happens. In spite of all this , I believed he loved me just as much as I loved could imagine my surprise and heart break when one day after a short disagreement and I mean short.lasting no more that a few beloved husband packed his clothes and walked out of my life. All this happened on Nov 30th 2012.I held off from calling him because I was still upset and I figured I didn’t do him any harm.he was the one that stepped out in our marriage and on our marriage.ours wasn’t a physical stepping as in outside was an on-going 5 month relationship on the internet, with someone he had been previously involved with. The days went by and he didn’t call so on December 5th 2012.I called him.he refused to take my calls so I texted him only to be told that he wasn’t interested in me and I should go on with my life.that I should never call or text him again.that was like a dagger through my heart,I felt as though someone had literally ran a knife straight through my stomach and was twisting it repeatedly.but that isn’t the worse yet. I persisted in calling him that same day and eventually he picked up the phone…he was as cold as ice,I felt frightened even listening to him,he told me.I NEVER LOVED YOU,I AM SORRY WE GOT MARRIED,I FELT TRAPPED IN THIS MARRIAGE,I DON’T LOVE YOU LIKE A MAN SHOULD LOVE A WOMAN,THE FEELINGS I HAVE FOR YOU IS THAT OF A “GOOD” FRIEND,I DON’T WANT TO BE WITH YOU AND YOU SHOULD GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE. I’M NOT COMING BACK. I have never felt pain like I did then in my entire is amazing when you are down on luck how quickly you remember looking for all mean to get back you happiness. I cried DAILY AND HOURLY,I felt all hope was gone,I mean how do you get someone to love you again when that person is saying I never loved you at all,YOU CANT.BUT when i contacted this great man, he told me no problem without solution. i have no choice but to give him a chance and see what happen after then, I had built my life around my husband and now he was gone,I felt like I lost the better part of me.I couldn’t eat,I didn’t want to socialize and I forced myself to go to work,but i strongly believe this man, even though all seemed lost, this man was turning my situation around even as I was hurting for the few days he work on me. I knew I wasn’t strong in my spirit and my faith was way less than even that of a mustard seed. I still cried every day but I also engaged in some radical and spiritual warfare for my husband.I use all the stuff priest JAYEMA send to me for 7days quoting what he wrote on the paper as he instructed me to over my marriage everyday. i was just at the sitting room alone thinking of when all this will be over then someone ring my doorbell, when i open the door, it was a DHL agent with some package. i sign and i took the package inside. when i open the parcel, it was my husband that sent me a gift. and a letter. what he wrote on the paper was I’m really sorry for all that have happen. the next day he was proud to just walk back and admit that he was wrong but he wanted to so much….. He wanted to give our marriage a chance and he loved me and wanted to be with ME.
    I give all the thanks Priest JAYEMA for what he did……it doesn’t matter what your situation looks doesn’t matter how impossible and dead it seems……it doesn’t matter what your husband or wife is planning, just do what you have to do to keep you marriage alive.

    if you have any case, please you are very much free to contact him on his email.

  18. Lucy F. says

    I course of treatment with antibiotics for both of you will clear that disease up
    and you will both be well.

    Perhaps you could be glad that your husband is willing to talk to you.

  19. joan says

    Oh my God, I’m so glad to tell everyone the real thing that happen to me…My name is JOAN. If i refuse to share this testimony it means i am selfish to my self and to people i love so much whom might have similar problems, March 16th about something 7:23pm after taken our dinner my husband got crazy started calling a lady name Melisa I love you, i was so mad and started crying like a baby…then my husband left home then for the idiot called Melisa, and never return back home then i believed when he understand his self he will surly come back to apology, but instead he left me So i complained to my friend she told me she was having such problems in her marriage until she was introduce to DR agbadi who specializes in bringing back broken homes and broken marriages DR agbadi cast a spell for me in May 4th surprisingly my husband came home May 6th apologizing that i should forgive him that it will never happen again, i was so glad and gave the thanks to DR agbadi who save my marriage, if you are having similar problem you can contact him and His email address is ( you can still save your marriage if u really love your husband.
    Thanks joan

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    I have been in great bondage for almost 2 years suffering in the hands of a cheating husband,we were happy and leaving well until he meant his old time time girl friend and he started dating her outside our marriage before you knew it he stopped caring and taking care of his own family it was to the extent that now he was planning to get married to her and divorce his own wife, i have cried and reported him to his family but he never listened to any one but to cut my story short i came in search for a real spell caster who could destroy their relationship and make him come back to his wife and 2 kids on my search i saw people making testimony on how their marriage where restored by Priest Ajigar i pick his email and i narrated my story to him and he agreed to help me and after performing a spell on the third day they both had a quarrel and he beat his girlfriend up and he came home begging for i and my little kids to forgive him that his eyes are clear now that he will never do any thing that will hurt his family again and promise to be a caring father and never cheat again.I am so so happy that i did not loose him to the girl all appreciation goes to Priest Ajigar for you are a Great spell caster and to whom this may concern if you have a cheating husband or wife yo can find his email by typing Priest Ajigar on and contact him.

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    my brothers and sisters i went down crying because no one
    has ever done this to a person in life. Dr.oboh truly healed me.
    I was crying it was a dream to my eyes when the doctor said
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    human. For these days and forever, i will accept Dr.oboh as
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  26. cythia says


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    Although the convenience of email cannot be denied, the act of receiving and reading a snailmail letter is by far the better experience. So kudos to you!I understand that the letters are not personalized, but are they physically signed by the sender? That would be such a wonderful touch and just one for which I’d gladly pay more. Perhaps the sender could sign a small percentage, so that a randomly chosen few each and every week would have a little extra thrill. That possibility would absolutely make my heart race a bit faster as I tore open the envelope!

  32. Bruno Rico says

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    I met my husband in my first year of senior high. Its not like i met met him during my first year of being senior , it was more like we started dating during that period in time. It was the first time in my life i felt like my heart was going to explode when anyone touched me or kissed me. I knew i was in love with him and there was no way of saying that i wasn’t and i also believed that he loved me just as much as i loved him. In more sense i could mistake what we felt as something magical. We planned our lives together thinking and knowing we are going to be together forever and nothing was ever going to tear us apart. But life being as it is, we woke up and reality set in. Although this month made it the 9th year since we have being together, last year was brought us series of problems. Professionally, i am a medical doctor and he is an art painter so there is no way on earth i will always be around because its the nature of my profession. I always made sure i spend most of my free time with him and not friends. As much as i love him, i also love saving lives so it was so selfish to ask me to choose. I will never ask him to choose between me and his art work because i knew how much he loved painting and how much he loved me also. O well that is all history just wanted you all know what caused our problem. I can go on and on telling how selfish he was towards me and my profession but it will be pointless. In the end i found out he was seeing someone else even if we were still married. I only knew about three months after they started their affair. And his reason for cheating was that he needs closure that i made sure i gave each time i was home with him. All that needing of closure speech could also be rephrased as he was tired of us and needed someone new after eight years of been together. I wish i told him he was never going to see me again but it was the opposite he ended us there and then. Call me crazy or whatever, i knew in my heart that if i had let him go like that i would never had found love again. A spell caster called Metodo Acamu help me cast a spell to bring us back together. I know it sounds hypocritical to even mention i used a spell to get back together with my husband because for goodness sake i am a medical doctor and i should know better than that but it true along with every other testimony about Metodo Acamu spell you have all seen on the Internet. Like most of the testimonies you may have read, i never intended on contact a spell caster but desperation drove me to am only glad i contacted the right one. He only asked me to provide four materials that i can not disclose which i was to mail to him through DHL or UPS but i decided to just send the total cost to him Because firstly my job does not permit me the time secondly some of the materials where not even found here in Chicago or the united state as a whole while other did not just go down with me to actually send via mail. But i promise you his spell worked. We are more in love than ever before just like when we first started dating and our relationship is more healthier that it ever was. Its been six months since Metodo Acamu help me get back together with my husband and like i said his month made it our 9th year of being together. I will his email contact here for mailing purpose { metodoacamufortressx[AT]yahoo{DOT}com } note:use this email the way you use yours in the stand email format

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