Apr 03 2012

Hello world!


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    Welcome, Taslima. May you have a long and illustrious future at FtB! Good luck ironing out the technical side of posting. :-D

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    N. Nescio

    Welcome to FTB.

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    Hi Welcome!
    I look forward to your speech in Cologne in a couple of weeks :D

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    F [i'm not here, i'm gone]

    I’m just going to yell “Hello!” into this currently empty room.

    Welcome to FTB.

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    Badland, delurking for a bit

    Wait, whut? Taslima? Here?

    *pops bubbles*


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    This is also a comment, just not an automated one

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    Graham Martin-Royle

    Hallo Taslima.

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    The Lorax

    Ooo a newbie! Welcome welcome to the herd!

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    This is a reply. You do not need to login to view the reply. However you will need to login to reply to this reply.

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    Be sure to include a link.

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    procrastinator will get an avatar real soon now

    Looking forward to reading your posts here. I enjoyed your talk at the American Atheist’s convention. Welcome.

    1. 11.1
      Taslima Nasreen

      Thank you so much.

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    Welcome to FTB!
    I saw you speak at Reason Rally, and I was moved to tears. I look forward to reading your blog. You are such an insightful woman, and you have so much to contribute to the secular community and world.

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    Upright Ape

    Dear Ms Nasreen,
    You were my favorite speaker at the Reason Rally. Your pronouncement, which touched my heart, was “I am at home wherever I am among atheists”. Having been born in Iran and left due to harassment by islamists, I felt no one ever spoke better for me. I remember vividly that back in the 1990s Iran’s state run media often ranted against you, condemning you for “heresy”. I think you and Maryam Namazie are going to be a tremendous contribution to FTB.

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      Ophelia Benson

      I second that.

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    The Doubter

    And the world say’s Hello back!!

    Keep standing up for women’s rights!!

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    Fantastic that you have joined FtB! Your speech at the 2010 GAC was a huge highlight and very much looking forward to your blogs.

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    'Tis Himself


    You need to let Ed know your blog is not on the list of FtB blogs on the right sidebar.

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    Welcome to FtB, Taslima. I hope you have a long and happy time here.

    And no, I won’t call you the female Rushdie. You are you, unique and special, with something important to say. I look forward to hearing your voice.

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    Tim Groc

    I look forward to reading your articles, Taslima. You’re one of the most important voices FTB now has.

    Welcome aboard.

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    Hello Taslima, wonderful to have you.

  22. 22


    I’m incredibly happy to have you here and am a long time reader of your work. I’m all excited now!


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    A big “Hellllooooooooooo” from the sub-continent of your birth! Looking forward to your posts with bated breath!

  24. 24

    Welcome to Free thought blogs. I am really looking forward to reading your posts. I hope you will be able to come to Canada and give a talk here. I would love to attend.

  25. 25

    Thrilled to see you blogging here, you quickly became one of my favorite speakers for your ability to convey both emotion and information with equally passionate intensity. Very much looking forward to reading the blog.

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    Hello Taslima,

    I heard you speak at the reason rally, you were awesome !
    I am so ashamed that after living in India all my life, I had to hear you out in Washington DC !
    Hope I can meet you someday :)

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    Markita Lynda

    Hello, Taslim! You are a hero for women’s rights and human rights. I salute your courage and hope to see you some day. In the meantime, I look forward to reading your article here and learning from them.

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    Greetings and welcome!
    I am always glad to see more women speak up and defy millennia of cultural oppression.

  30. 30

    Hello, Taslima! Keep thinking, and talking, and writing, and hoping. And know that there are many millions of us silently working to support your and our ideals.

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    I was quite taken by the first post I read, and I look forward to reading your blog in the future. I hope you have a long and enjoyable association with the Free Thought Blogs.

  32. 32

    Welcome! Enjoy your stay.

  33. 33

    Welcome, Taslima! I’m sure Freethought blogs will be much richer for having you here. I found your first few posts challenging and disturbing reading. Just what the world needs!

  34. 34
    Musical Atheist

    Welcome! I’m really looking forward to reading your work regularly!

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    StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return!

    Welcome Taslima Nasreen. (Belated)

    I recall hearing about you years – yikes! – decades ago now at uni & look forward to reading your blog.

  36. 36

    Ha, I always disliked Yeats’s sexism, so I love the name of your blog. Looks interesting from what I’ve read so far.

  37. 37
    Dennis Paul Himes

    Hello! I don’t know if you recognize my name, but I was the guy who introduced you at the American Atheist convention. I’m looking forward to reading you on FTB.

    1. 37.1
      Taslima Nasreen

      Thank you so much Dennis! Regards.

  38. 38

    Hello Taslima! It’s good to have you here at FTB.

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