Blog milestone

Sometime late yesterday, this blog passed the 4 million mark in page views since I came to FreethoughtBlogs on January 10, 2012.

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by.

Let the Gay Games begin!

Last evening saw the opening ceremony of Gay Games 2014 in my hometown of Cleveland. The games have been held every four years starting in 1982. In 2018 it will be in Paris. I must say that I am proud of the city for offering to host the games and working hard to put out the welcome mat. The institution where I work (Case Western Reserve University) is hosting some events at its athletic facilities. And from all reports, the opening night festivities seemed to have gone well.
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When he talks, ducks listen

I have heard the phrase “get your ducks in a row” but I have never seen it done literally with live ducks. This is pretty impressive. If he could do the same thing with cats, he might make obsolete the ‘herding cats’ metaphor for something that is impossible to do.
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A great idea

As the US population ages, there will be many people who are retired and in nursing homes. Such people may lack mobility and risk feeling lonely and useless, not a good thing for people who have such a wealth of life experience and so much to contribute. Stephen Colbert describes a nice program where older people teach English to foreign students by talking to them over the internet.
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The origins of the world’s stupidest cheer

In the urban areas of Sri Lanka, schools tend to be mostly single-sex K-12 and among the boys’ schools there were intense sporting rivalries. During those games, boys would show their support using generic cheers that were common to many schools. These cheers originated long before my own time and likely had been around for (I suspect) at least a century. One of them was used when your team had suffered a setback and was meant to show that this was not a cause for concern. It consisted of the following verse set to music.
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Acting on ignorance

The Salt Lake Tribune writes about a private educational outfit that fired one of its employees because he wrote a blog post about the use of ‘homophones’ (words that sound the same while having different meanings and even different spellings) because they were afraid of “creating the perception that the school promoted a gay agenda.”
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The NFL is a disgrace

I do not need much of an excuse to further attack the NFL. To its own players and the violent and misogynistic values it promotes are enough. But the way that it treated one of its players Ray Rice after he was caught on camera beating his wife was an absolute disgrace.
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