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Jul 10 2014

I’m back!

After taking a week off from blogging, I am now back. My daughter’s wedding on Saturday went off without any hitch and everyone seemed to have a good time. Weddings are a good time to meet with family and old friends and to meet and make new friends from among the in-laws. We had a …

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Jul 01 2014

Blogging hiatus

My younger daughter is getting married later this week and I am having a lot of friends and relatives visit over the next week, some as houseguests, so this blog will be on hiatus for a while. I will of course be monitoring the blog from time to time. If something really compelling comes up …

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Jun 29 2014

Exciting Test cricket

With the advent of the shorter forms of cricket such as the 50-over One Day Internationals and the even shorter 20 over Twenty20 format that almost certainly produce a definite outcome, there has been concern that the traditional five-day Test matches may not be able to match them for excitement. These fears were allayed by …

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Jun 26 2014

Four year old foils lying babysitter

A babysitter reported to the police that the house had been invaded and robbed by two men, one of whom who looked like the family’s neighbor, who was black. What she did not take into account was a child’s power of observation.

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Jun 26 2014

Sports ethics

Today in the final day of preliminary round group matches at the World Cup. After today’s games, only the top two teams in each group of four will advance to the next round of knockout games. (In the US where we tend to use more violent metaphors, it is called ‘sudden death’.) In Group G, …

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Jun 24 2014

Things I will never, ever understand

I can understand people flying into a murderous rage because of anger or jealousy or a whole range of factors that arouse strong passions in someone who does not have proper self control. I can understand them killing the object of their anger and even themselves. Yes, these things are inexcusable but not beyond the …

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Jun 23 2014

Viva Costa Rica!

I am not a soccer fan, although it is globally the most popular. My interest in the sport, like that of many people in the US, peaks in a strictly quadrennial way, rising briefly during the World Cup tournaments and disappearing soon after. Part of my lack of interest is the lack of a team …

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Jun 18 2014

Big setback for the Washington football team owner

Thanks to reader Marcus Ranum, I learned that the Washington football team has lost trademark protection for the name ‘Redskins’ because the term is disparaging to American Indians. The decision was handed down by the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.

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Jun 17 2014

More dangerous open-carry antics

The open-carry movement continues to spawn ridiculous posturing that can easily veer off into tragedy. One recent case involved an elderly white-haired man wearing what looks like pajamas scaring the daylights of people by walking on the sidewalk of a strip mall armed with what looks like some sort of assault rifle and talking about …

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Jun 16 2014

The awfulness of major sports controlling bodies

Is there any controlling body of a major sport that is not guilty of bribery, extortion, and corruption? It seems like they leverage their fans love of their game to exploit them and their cities and nations to enrich themselves. This is definitely true for the FIFA, the International Olympic Committee, NCAA, NFL, NBA, and …

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