The ongoing shame of Guantanamo

What is becoming increasingly clear is that the government does not know what to do with the prisoners who are being held in Guantanamo. They are being held without charges, some for over a decade with no hope of a proper trial or being released. The prisoners themselves realize this, and we have some of them committing suicide (though there are darker suspicions of homicide) and others going on hunger strikes and having to be force-fed.

Of course, Americans dislike the idea that they are running prisons into which people are dumped without any due process and from which there is no escape and so we have propaganda that seeks to portray the prison as some kind of holiday resort where ‘terrorists’ have a nice time at the expense of the taxpayers. While reporters in general are prevented from visiting the camp, selected ones are given ‘special’ tours of the facilities and repay their lavish hosts by writing glowing reports of how wonderful things are there. Glenn Greenwald describes . It is the familiar Potemkin Village story.