1. says

    There are Free Thought Bloggers associated as offificals of CFI that will write out against, at their Free Thought Blog, free speech issue and let others ridicule it as Freeze Peach. At the same time they refuse to acknowledge that men could face any sort of oppression from society, and that to say otherwise is heinous.

    So I thank you for your ad from CFI, and I will continue looking for an atheist/humanist group that supports all of humanity and civil rights for everyone.

    Apparently, empirically, at this moment in time, CFI is not that place.

  2. says

    At the same time they refuse to acknowledge that men could face any sort of oppression from society, and that to say otherwise is heinous.

    That would be curious indeed. I’d like to know where they made this statement.

  3. machintelligence says

    olivercrangle @1
    I sincerely hope you didn’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

  4. Rodney Nelson says

    Thank you, Crangle, for bringing your hate-fest against Melody Helmsley to yet another website. We all understand that you dislike feminists and Helmsley is a feminist but please restrict your whining about her to threads having to do with feminism.

  5. Robert Bauer says

    Yay! Well-designed atheist (or at least, irreligious) advertising!

    It might be that, as a community, we do better with longer formats like 60-second videos than with, say, billboards. People have accused atheists of many things, but “brevity” has never been among them. :-)

  6. ChrisG says

    Actually, I thought this was a pretty good ad. My only minor quibble is the capitalizing of the word “god” when it appears on the screen. That’s a personal “thing” that I try to avoid (I told you it was minor), but I really liked the production.

    Well done, CFI!

  7. left0ver1under says

    Better yet, say “gods”. All are equally false, equally lacking in evidence. When “god” singular is used, the religious do or may assume it means concession to their particular belief system. By saying “gods” plural, it tells them – without insult or confrontation – that theirs is no different than any other.

    I make it a habit of saying “Which one? You’ll have to be more specific.” when a theist uses the word in a singular form.

  8. Randomfactor says

    Minor quibble: The “F” in “CFI” stands for “For.”

    Great video, but I third the suggestion to use “gods.”

  9. John Swindle says

    About the capital G god: It is generally considered proper to capitalize the names of characters, whether they appear in fiction or non-fiction. It is one way a writer can signal that a specific entity is being referenced, rather than just any old god. But do feel free to establish your own rules for capitalization – or, for that matter, spelling and grammar. Variety, after all, is a good thing.

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