Because I am an atheist …

Over at The Crommunist Manifesto, there have been a series of offerings from various people based on the above prompt. This is what I submitted in response to a request from that blog’s host:

Because I am an atheist …

… I experience a tremendous feeling on intellectual liberation. For many years I struggled to reconcile my scientific understanding of the world with the constraints imposed by believing in a god. When I tentatively tried out the ‘What if there is no god?” hypothesis, I experienced a sense of freedom so profound that I knew immediately that there was no going back. Now I feel free to go wherever my mind takes me and explore any idea without the sense that there are some questions whose answers will remain forever inscrutable. There are no “Stop! No Entry” signs in the intellectual road map of an atheist. The highways are wide open and call out for adventure.


  1. 'Tis Himself says

    There are no “Stop! No Entry” signs in the intellectual road map of an atheist.

    That’s the way I see it too.

  2. says

    Because I am an atheist…

    … I recognize that the natural default state of humankind is fear of death. Either you spend your time thinking about the immanence of your demise, or your self-deluded, in my opinion.

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