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Mar 21 2014

Friday Cephalopod: Flamboyantly poisonous

Perth Scuba

In case you’re wondering how anything could be this gaudy and survive, it couples the color to a nasty toxin saturating its flesh. “Eat me and die,” it’s saying.

Mar 14 2014

Friday Cephalopod: You’d be grumpy if your name were ‘Stubby’, too

David Todd

Mar 07 2014

Friday Cephalopod: I think he’s looking for Spongebob

Susan Gardner

Feb 28 2014

Friday Cephalopod: So, I failed the test, like, twice. Now what do I do?


I tried to take the cephalopod intelligence test. James Wood, a teuthologist (cephalopod scientist), imagined creating an intelligence test for humans, by an octopus: “So the octopus thinks: ‘All right. I’m going to make an intelligence test for humans, because they show a little bit of promise, in a very few ways.’ And the first …

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Feb 21 2014

Friday Cephalopod: Tentacles


The Monterey Bay Aquarium has a new exhibit, Tentacles. It is about…I think you can guess what it’s about. Can I find an excuse to visit California in mid-April?

Feb 14 2014

Friday Cephalopod: Love is a lively hectocotylus

The Malacologist

Feb 07 2014

Friday Cephalopod: Some pet


Some people actually do keep octopuses as pets; it’s not easy, and it’s heartbreaking when they die. They always die.

Jan 31 2014

Friday Cephalopod: YOU SHALL NOT PASS

Ocean Defender Foundation

Jan 24 2014

Friday Cephalopod: Finny

Nautilus Live

Jan 17 2014

Friday Cephalopod: The loveliest bracelet ever

The Horse's Mouth

Say…has she painted her fingernails to match the mottling pattern of the octopus’s skin? I find that strangely attractive.

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