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Dec 20 2013

Friday Cephalopod: The Passive Detritovore

The cephalopod with the most impressively Goth name ever — Vampyroteuthis infernalis — turns out to be all show and no fangs. It still looks awesome.

Dec 13 2013

Friday Cephalopod: Pink flotilla

I would normally just include the photo here, but the photographer has asked that we not download the images…so you’re just going to have to click on this link to see it.

Dec 07 2013

Trademark infringement!


The National Reconnaisance Office has launched a new spy satellite with a logo that is rightfully mine. Or at least, I ought to steal it. I’d really expect our security agencies to exhibit a little more subtlety than your stock comic-book supervillain.

Dec 06 2013

Friday Cephalopod: Home Sweet Home

Jean McKinnon

Nov 29 2013

Friday Cephalopod: Black Friday

In Medias Res

Vampyroteuthis would like you to know that it is forgivable that you visit Walmart or any of the other greedy big box stores today in search of bargains; however, the retailers who exploit their workers and gin up scarcity and treat the desperate poor as targets are going to someday find themselves dying cold, dark, …

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Nov 15 2013

Friday Cephalopod: Alien cruiser drifting through space


Nov 01 2013

Kraken man is back


He’s persistent, I’ll say that for him. I first encountered Mark McMenamin as an enthusiastic promoter of Stuart Pivar’s inflatable donut model of development. He then sank from sight, along with the pretentious septic tank salesmen, until two years ago, when he presented piles of ichthyosaur vertebrae as evidence that a giant cephalopod, a kraken, …

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Nov 01 2013

Friday Cephalopod: A festive way to display your cuttlefish babies


The Monterey Bay Aquarium has a clever scheme for aerating their babies that involves a little creative surgery on pop bottles. It looks good, though! I’m tempted to try something similar with zebrafish, just because. I don’t have a problem with keeping them supplied with oxygen, but I do have to maintain good concentrations of …

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Oct 31 2013

The incomplete story of cuttlefish

Somehow, though, it neglected to mention their talent for poetry.

Oct 25 2013

Friday Cephalopod: I shoulda gone to TONMOCON!


Last weekend, in San Francisco…I could have been hanging out with my people. And my favorite non-people. Maybe next time…

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