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Jul 18 2014

I’m free!

In a dashing break from my imprisonment, I threw a walker through my hospital room window, cleared the broken glass with a crutch, and then rappelled down some hospital sheets tied together, to run away from angry orderlies waving hypos filled with calming drugs… Nah, not really. I endured four or five boring hours of …

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Jul 16 2014

There goes my pro football career

I’ll never get picked up in the NFL draft now. Those of you who read the comments know I was whining a little bit about this sudden knee pain that developed over night. I was actually downplaying it — any time I bent my knee I was in excruciating agony. My wife can tell you …

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Jun 25 2014

Convergence is coming

Everyone is announcing their schedule at Convergence: there’s the whole dang SkepChickCon schedule, Jason Thibeault and Brianne Bilyeu of FtB have produced theirs, and Dr Rubidium is doing a bunch of panels (wait…they let chemists in?). So I guess I’ll mention what I’ll be up to. We have a little family affair every year in …

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Jun 18 2014

Hello, Connecticut!

I have arrived in Hartford. Nice airport. Now I have to find my way to my hotel, and then I have a few hours to explore before my talk. I hear there is a fascinating historical site, Mark Twain House, near my hotel–maybe I’ll take a tour.

Jun 16 2014

Reminder: I’ll be in Hartford on Wednesday evening

It should be interesting — I’ll be at the home of that well-known heretic, Mark Twain, from 7 to 8:30 pm. Instead of my usual talk, we’re doing something a little different: a conversation with Jacques Lamarre, the director of the place, about all this godlessness popping up everywhere. If you’re going to go to …

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Jun 15 2014

So, it’s Father’s Day

I took a nap. Hey, it seemed like the fatherly thing to do. Also, loafing.

Jun 13 2014

What to do in Hartford?

I’m going to be flying in to Hartford, Connecticut on 18 June to have a public conversation about The Happy Atheist. I know some people won’t be free at 7pm to join in, and I’ve been asked if there are any other public events planned while I’m there. No, there isn’t. It’s a real blitz …

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Jun 11 2014

Hangin’ with my homies

Tomi, Mike, Jim in back; Alex, Mom, Caryn, me in the middle; Bebe front.

While I was in Seattle, I got my picture taken with all of my surviving siblings, my mother, one grand-nephew, and my mother’s dog. This is mostly the same crew a few years back. We haven’t changed a bit.

Jun 10 2014

Disaster. Catastrophe. Chaos.

This is not good. I have a couple of students anxious to get to work (I’m anxious to get to work), and we’ve been prepping my lab zebrafish facility for an influx of new fish that we expected to arrive this week, and then I check into the Zebrafish International Resource Center, the source for …

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Jun 07 2014

Secret revealed!

Ophelia tells you the important stuff about our get-together last night: the view from the Olympic Sculpture Garden was spectacular.

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