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Mar 27 2014

Why does this video game suck?

The normal explanation would be that the graphics are clumsy and out of date, the character animation is creepily unhuman, the plot is inane, and the preachy moralizing and weird evangelism is off-putting. But to the people at Phoenix Interactive, who are having a hard time getting funding for a game called Bible Chronicles: The …

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Mar 19 2014

Wow! Wowwy wow wow wow!

Walken is the Man.

Mar 04 2014

All gods sort of blur together, I guess


Sorry, gang. I thought this music video by Katy Perry was eminently forgettable pop, overproduced and not particularly interesting, but you get to see it anyway. In case you had too much taste to bother, Katy Perry plays an ancient Egyptian pharoah — you know, pyramids, stilted poses, animal-headed gods, etc. — who disintegrates a …

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Mar 03 2014

Oscar’s golden night

I had the Academy Awards tuned in to the background last night. I’m not a fan; like many of us, I just like to gawp and snipe at overprivileged rich people, so it was just occasionally entertaining noise to catch my attention in between papers. Here are the things that made me bother to look …

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Feb 26 2014

I have an idea…we build some giant robots, then…

May I just say that there aren’t any large multicellular animals that stand a chance against human technology — they are intrinsically fragile — which makes the fear of this creature rather unbelievable. I’m much more terrified of microorganisms. Also, Bryan Cranston doesn’t look a thing like Raymond Burr. But I might actually enjoy this …

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Feb 25 2014

The Self-Aware Bully

Please, must I really feel sympathy for bullies? I can muster up pity, but sympathy is out of my reach so far.

Feb 25 2014

Thousands of channels and nothing on

So much junk. So much failed ambition. It seems like even the cable channels that are set up with high purpose (hello, History/Discovery/Learning channels) immediately succumb to the lure of the lowest common denominator and turn into dreck, so where is The Sportsman Channel to go? Wait, you say, the Sportsman Channel doesn’t sound that …

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Feb 24 2014

Ken Ham and I agree on something

There’s this new movie coming out, Noah, by Darren Aronofsky and with a top-notch cast…and it looks like crap. I can get into a good fantasy story, but not one that takes itself so seriously and purports to be based on a true story. And you know this one is going to be peddled to …

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Feb 21 2014

Cheer up

I woke up this morning feeling dreadfully oogie — I might be dying, slowly, sinking into decrepitude and all that. Darn. So, anyway, I found this. Feeling slightly better. Might be able to crawl into work. My dissolution into mucus and slime and rotting meat is…deferred. On a cosmic scale, not for long, mind you.

Feb 11 2014

Yeah? And so are you!

This is a very rude song. It’s not safe for work, either. Gosh. My feelings are hurt now.

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