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Jan 15 2014

Football doesn’t make sense to me


It’s the most boring game to watch, ever, and it’s also terribly destructive to the saps who play it. Yet Superbowl Sunday comes up in a few weeks, and hordes of people will be watching it. Why? Maybe this chart explains it all: There’s no game there! It’s mostly commercials. Maybe that’s why it’s a …

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Dec 29 2013

Spider-Man gets a new costume! Fans are the same old sexist scum!

Apparently, there’s a new Spider-Man movie in the works, and he’s got a fancy new costume (without nipples, I’m happy to report), and it’s got the hardcore comic fans in a lather. Well, not about the costume. It turns out that a few photos of the actor playing Mary Jane Watson were also leaked, and…she’s …

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Dec 26 2013

I may have to watch that movie again

An interesting philosophy paper: ‘That Man Behind the Curtain’: Atheism and Belief in The Wizard of Oz. I don’t think the movie The Wizard of Oz is exactly an atheist movie, but represents the current transition we’re experiencing, where the old-fashioned beliefs are becoming increasingly untenable and unsupported by the culture as a whole, while …

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Dec 19 2013


Just because TNH mentioned it, because it’s lovely, and because I had to take a brief break.

Dec 14 2013

Who thought it was a good idea to let Michael Bay direct a Tolkien movie?

You might guess from the title that I just got back from the new Hobbit movie. Now at last I know how one simple little story could be turned into a three-movie monstrosity, where each movie is 2½ hours long. They added superflous action scenes, chase scenes, hot elf fanservice, odd sideplots, random bad guys …

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Dec 10 2013

Buddy movie gets good review from the NYT

They liked the Dawkins/Krauss road trip movie, ‘The Unbelievers’. It’s getting a one week long showing in New York? That’s all? I wonder how long we’ll get it in Morris. (Not really. There’s no way it would play here.) I suppose I’ve got to wait for it to come out on Netflix.

Dec 07 2013


Would I watch this? Probably. Would I hate myself for it? Certainly.

Nov 22 2013

Sexy T-rex meets lecherous creationist

Charlie Stross has written a story, A Bird in Hand, which rather pushes a few boundaries. It’s about dinosaurs and sodomy, as the author’s backstory explains. And as everyone knows, every story is improved by adding one or the other of dinosaurs and sodomy, so it can’t help but be even better if you add …

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Nov 10 2013

I think I’ve forgotten how to play air guitar

The 1970s. Hanging out with my buddies after school. Driving around, trying to look grown up. This song comes on, we immediately turn up the radio to the loudest volume, and we’re all playing air guitar. Now it’s being played in a concert hall, for President Obama, with Heart doing the honors? (They rock it …

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Nov 05 2013

Taking zombies to task

Oh, good — both Tara Smith and Colin Purrington are a bit peeved with the recent episodes of The Walking Dead that have the survivors coming down with a nasty form of the flu, and their resident people sending them scurrying off to pillage local zombie-haunted pharmacies for…antibiotics. For shame. They don’t mention the other …

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