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Jun 07 2014

Name that tune

I’m hearing it everywhere now, which is a little morbid.

May 13 2014

Now, ID has an iconic illustration


I really detest that iconic ‘march of progress’ illustration seen all over the place to promote misconceptions about evolution, so it seems only fair that Intelligent Design creationism get their own version. (found on an otherwise boring and stupid facebook rant by a creationist)

May 13 2014

Are we sure something won’t erupt out of the corpse?

Sad news: H.R. Giger has died. It’s a good short review of the nature of his work, too. One word: unsettling.

May 02 2014

Is it pronounced “Testi-clees”?

All that naked Greek statuary, with all their naughty bits hanging out…someone had to document ancient Greek testicles, and that person was Ingrid Berthon Moine. Hey! Hey you! My eyes are way up here! I’ll have you know I’m much more than just a pretty ball sack…although the boys are spectacular, if I do say …

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Mar 08 2014

I don’t understand how this was made


You’d think I’d have noticed if ever someone had cracked my chest open. Unless…there are others like me?

Mar 06 2014

Sorry, art historians…

You’ve all been replaced by a simplistic algorithmic protocol, which, as a side effect, has completely ruined van Eyck for me for all time.

Feb 26 2014

So that’s what zebrafish are made of


They’re much simpler than I expected.

Feb 04 2014

What do you get when animals multiply?


My favorites are the Squiraffe and the Squorse — but all the ones that cross phylum boundaries are the best (notice that everything is a vertebrate but one? The most specialist, neatest one.).

Jan 28 2014

I thought he’d live forever

Dharma Forest

Pete Seeger has died. No, I said that wrong — read that amazing obituary, and you realize that Pete Seeger has lived. Just for the contrast, the NY Times also has an interview with the odious Tom Perkins, who is now equating the 1% with the people who are creative…while flaunting a $300,000+ watch. I …

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Nov 01 2013

If you can’t get rid of garbage, worship it

Every time you use a plastic bag at the grocery store or buy another bottle of water you are contributing to the deluge of one-use, throw-away plastic products that pile up in our landfills or float out to sea. One group in Baton Rouge is trying to raise consciousness with Sacred Waste, a performance art …

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