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Aug 15 2013

Say hello to Alex Gabriel

Our newest FtBer will be blogging at Godlessness in Theory: Queer left politics, pop culture and skepticism. Go tell him to get cracking and provide some content right now. He didn’t realize that we are cruel and demanding taskmasters here, now did he?

Aug 09 2013

Around FtB

I’ve got another busy morning in the lab followed by some travelin’ to the Big City, so I’ll help you find some other stuff to read. The Digital Cuttlefish has a tale about the image of sexual harassment. Reasonable Doubts tells us about Divine Lies. Alethian Worldview uses Pascal’s Wager to argue for anti-religion. Greta …

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Aug 02 2013

Oh, right…two years old

I forgot — yesterday was Freethoughtblogs second birthday. So we’re at the stage where we’re mostly potty-trained, but we say “NO!” a lot and throw the occasional tantrum? Just wait until next year. Three is the age of Peak Cuteness — we’ll be all adorable and winsome, and we’ll all be thinking we should have …

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Jun 25 2013

When will CFI’s nightmare end?

They just lost Point of Inquiry…or at least, the main people involved in it. On Friday, Point of Inquiry’s two co-hosts—Indre Viskontas and Chris Mooney—resigned from their positions at the Center for Inquiry. On Monday, Point of Inquiry producer Adam Isaak followed suit. This note is to explain our reasons for departing CFI and our …

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Jun 22 2013

Misandry In Teh Animule Kingdom!!!!7!

Misandry, polyandry, whatever. I know it’s some kind of -andry. Hordeling Ron Sullivan and her partner in crime Joe Eaton have been spending a lot of time in the San Joaquin Valley of late, and Joe has a new post up on Ron’s blog riffing on their recent frequent sightings of Swainson’s hawks. It turns …

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Jun 17 2013

Around FtB

Today is the big day we do our first test of the plumbing we’ve cobbled together for our fish facility. We may be bailing or patching or scratching our heads today…or maybe we’ll just be celebrating. So go read other blogs while we tinker. Taslima has been honored by the Royal Academy of Science, Arts …

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Jun 09 2013

Say hello to Nirmukta on FtB

We’ve got a new addition here, Nirmukta, and here’s what they do. A quick introduction to Nirmukta: Nirmukta is an organization which promotes science, freethought and secular humanism in India. It was founded as a website by Ajita Kamal in 2008, and since then its online presence has grown into three websites: the main parent …

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Jun 06 2013

I support your right to post anonymously


There are very good reasons to use a pseudonym on a blog. Perhaps you have opinions that are contrary to the majority in your region, and you face serious consequences if your identity gets out; Lord knows, many atheists have that particular problem. Or perhaps you just want to use the internet to have a …

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May 31 2013

Awards time!

American Atheists has stepped up to recognize some of the new media promoting atheism — blogs, podcasts, all that stuff — with the inaugural ‘EVOLVE Awards’.The first awardees are eminent and deserving…follow the link to find out who!

May 29 2013

Manufactured outrage

It’s pathetic what the slymers are up to now: they’re inventing lies, then getting angry at the offenses in the lies, none of which occurred. They keep going around and around on this Ferris wheel of nonsense. It’s just plain weird. When Brayton and I put this network together, the unifying idea was to encourage …

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